Blood Brothers, a study in Government supported Gangs

I have been reading a  book called “Blood Brotherhoods” By John Dickie about the rise of the Italian Mafias, in the mid-1800s. It sure reads like the Nazi Corrupt Demo-rat Party ran Italy in 1850 because what I have been reading is like a shadow of our Government doing the same thing. Creating Gangs and criminals, because that is where their Little Black bags full of money come from. First, the Nazi Demo-rat Party with the help of the same Traitors we have running the Republican Party they protect the criminals and work for and whit the enemies of our country because they are all bought and paid for by Foreign Powers. China and Soros own 99% of all the Senators and Congressmen and you can go on from there.

Here is the passage that fascinated me I just changed the names. But you can put anybody’s name in this passage and it works out for all of the Criminals that run the Nazi Demo-rat Party.

Where once Obama had lurked, like a cockroachy-like, in the steamiest corners of the USA, now he had begun the climb up through the cracks in the social structure and infest the representative institutions of the United States of America. At the end of all the intrigues of the Federal Government, Obama was no longer just a problem that lay where the state could not: Obama was a problem within the United States itself.

How about that. The Demo-rat OParty created all the Morden gangs that run through our cities most of the killers are Latino Gangs, then come the killer Negro Gangs that rule the cities all through the USA. For that he Nazi Demo-rat Party got rid of all the manufacturing business and sent them overseas. so what is left to make money? CRIME. As you see today the Nazi demo-rat Party are always fro the criminals, the Iggeal Alien Mexicans by changing the name Illegal to Immigrants doesn’t really change anything they are still Illegal Aliens not citizens of this country and they are all criminals that all the Countries, Mexico, and south of their border sent all the Criminals out of their jails and insane asylums and “bust outs” who refuse to do any kind of work to come to  our Country, to help Obama who followed the Cloward/Piven paper on how to help destroy this country. Overload the system with Illegal Aliens who can’t speak the language or do anything but get on the Government dole and destroy our economy and that will bring this country down.

And the Nazi Socialists/ Communist Demo-rat Party is still working for the criminals that come here illegally and the criminals they created, the Negro gangs and all the Latino Gangs to cause chaos and crimes of all kind. You can see how the Communist Mazi Demo-rats wanted to vote ICE out so they would stop putting the MS13 gangs in jail and deport them. So who does the Socialists/Communist Nazi Demo-rats work for? Not for this country or we the people they work to destroy our country for some stupid idea that looks good on paper but in reality, it doesn’t work anywhere. But these 500 Traitors that run our country want us destroyed. Berni Sanders, the Vermont snobs Communist Senator tells everyone that education will be free for everybody who is none White or Muslim. We have that now it is only free for the Negro and all Latinos and everybody who is none White.

The Nazi Demo-rat Party and the Traitor republicans hate all White males and have done everything in their power to destroy the White male population. And now they want to kill off as many of the White girls who are stupid enough to join the Armed forces as combatants and they can get their bodies torn up by the Created enemies that Obama and the Nazi Demo-rat Party have always worked with and for and made powerful with money and training of ISIS AlQeada. Who do you think Brenan is and who do think funneled money to the Terrorists through the UN in grants, and also gave training to them? I don’t doubt that the CIA under Brennen didn’t give money to train the Muslim Terrorists that Obama wants in our country and training camps in every State of America. They have 5 urban warfare camps in New York Strate alone. A Communist Muslim just like Obama and the rest of his criminals they that were in his cabinet stealing money hand over fist. Where do you think 30,000 shotguns went that Obama said he gave to the IRS. They went to the Muslim Terrorist Training Camps in the USA, because in Urben warfare the shotgun is the best killing weapon you can have, that he and Brennan made and supported and the Deep State still supports them. All they are waiting for is the Nazi DEmo-rat POarty take away our 2nd Amendment then they will come out in force and be free to help all the Latin and Negro Gangs to kill us all because we can’t protect our selves anymore. Why do you think that the Criminal Minds that run the Nazi Demo-rat Party wants soft targets like schools for their killers to go to and kill our children, that is another reason that the states won’t do it either. Money. Thereis money to protect everyone from the Muslim Terrosist and the Lantion and Negro gansgs and help our enemies but not to protect our chuldren. This way they can always move to take away the 2nd Amendment, The Demo-rats do not care for our safty they only care that there are criminls in our Country to commit crimes.