Mendoza Caught Taking Pictures Up Women’s Skirts


Mandoza is a sexual degenerate like his boss, Obama.


Obama Advisor William Mendoza Caught Taking Pictures Up Women’s Skirts

Looks like the #MeToo movement is about to hit the Obama Administration. Or will it?

Last year, William Mendoza, executive director of the White House Initiative on American Indian and Alaska Native Education under the Obama Administration, pleaded guilty to illegally taking pictures up women’s skirts in the D.C. Metro system. He was formally charged with voyeurism and other vile acts. (RELATED: Obama Senior Policy Advisor William Mendoza Pleads Guilty to Sex Crimes.)


Now, Daily Mail has obtained the damning footage of Obama’s advisor behaving like a perverted sicko in public. Presumably, this is the footage that forced him into pleading guilty back in 2016. Think there will be any mass marches on Washington over Obama employing such a dangerous and conniving man? Think again.

Watch the footage below before it disappears:

Now, if the liberal media even acknowledges this lech, it will be with the qualification that he was a nobody in the White House, an informal advisor with little in the way of actual authority. But keep this in mind: he held a $140,000-a-year job within the Department of Education.

A nondescript government lackey doesn’t earn six figures. Mendoza wasn’t a public face within the Obama Administration, but he was high up enough to garner that kind of salary.

Either way, public face or not, it’s shameful that this happened. It just goes to show that the trappings of power can go to anyone’s head, even if they’re in a liberal administration or share very liberal beliefs.

Just look at Hillary Clinton’s best pal Harvey Weinstein. (RELATED: Photos Caught Hillary Dining With Harvey Weinstein After Election Loss.)

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The only difference is: if you’re liberal, the media will, usually, cover for you. Paging Bill Clinton…