Take away all their Government Clearance into our Nations Secrets Now.

Brennen, a Communist Muslim like Obama, and none of the FBI Traitors, and Rats like Callaper, Rice,  who are worshipers of Obama and the Deep State and want to destroy our Country for Obama, who is still working against our Country, Needs the Secrets to sell to our enemies should have their security Clearance taken away from them. They are Traitors and do not work for the Federal Government anymore, Thank God, Why do they want it? To keep Obama and his Deep State in the “Loop” of what President Trump and our Country is going to do so they can sell Secret Information to our enemies and friends all over the World, to work against us. And give the Nazi Demo-rats and Card carrying Communist like Bernie Sanders and his Puerto Rican  Cortez Socialist. They all want Socialism/ Communism like the Communist Nazi Demo-rat Party.  

Take away all their Clearance into the Government. They don’t work for the Government anymore. Who Needs Them!

President Trump, we the people will back you 12% we want to see these people punished and go to jail. Hillary Clinton First, Traitor murderer, and thief. 

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