Obama Boosting the Globalist Agenda

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Is Obama Boosting the Globalist Agenda?

Written by   Monday, 30 July 2018 18:49

Is Obama Boosting the Globalist Agenda?

Earlier this month, former U.S. President Barack Obama visited South Africa to pay tribute to the deceased South African former president, Nelson Mandela at the 2018 Nelson Mandela Annual Lecture. That sentence in itself should reveal where Obama stands on the globalist agenda, but his speech revealed even more. Knowing that Mandela stood for violence, terror, and communism, and was on the Central Committee of the South African Communist Party until the day he died, Obama’s speech reinforced the elitists’ journey towards a global government.

Obama attempted to base his own vision for America and the world on the Declaration of Independence, but in reality he stood firmly on the equality, justice, and multi-racial democratic platform. By repeatedly commending Mandela and his political maneuvers, Obama’s stance was that the world should emulate South Africa’s government. During Mandela’s tenure as leader, he stood for communist totalitarianism, which Obama described as a way to build peace, tolerance, harmony, love, equality, justice, and democracy. But he also stated:
In fact, it is in part because of the failures of governments and powerful elites to squarely address the shortcomings and contradictions of this international order that we now see much of the world threatening to return to an older, a more dangerous, a more brutal way of doing business.

Obama referred to “The failures of governments and powerful elites” -we must be doing something right! Their plan is not moving along as smoothly as they would like. Obama even described the opposing side as ones who seek division, conspiracy theories, corruption, hate, war, greed, paranoia, and everything evil. Although Obama is dead wrong on his categorizations, he is right in the fact that everyone stands for one of two things: globalism or Americanism.

By standing alongside Mandela, he is revealing his true colors on the globalists’ side. And without resistance and education, the masses will continue to support “international cooperation” to solve supposed problems such as climate change, mass migration, and contagious diseases.

As Obama and the Deep State elites continue to  promote open borders, big government, and globalism, we must educate enough people to stand up for the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Don’t be a pawn for the new world order! Stand with us in strictly rejecting empowering layers of socialistic international government.

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