Socialims around the World

Socialism and Dictatorships are doing great around the World. Why? Because the Demo-rat party from the day that the Russian Revolution took place and the Communist took over and killed every farmer that was in Russia, murdered the King and his family. And the people were starving. Communism would have failed if the United States Nazi Demo-rat Presidents and the Nazi Demo-rat party along with Republican Traitors supported the Communist ab=gave them billions of dollars in money and aid to keep Communism/ Socialism strong and powerful. The United Staes made Russian the power they are today. No one else. Our country supports every country in the world that is Socialist and every Country run by a Dictator.  The UN gets billions of our dollars and 95% of all the Countries in NATO and the UN Vote against us. Yet the Nazi Demo-rat Party supports all of them with our tax dollars. Jimmy the Traitor started paying off all these countries with our money. They Progressed and we went backward. Our Government also supports everybody of none Governmental “think Tanks that work against our Freedom and we the free people of our Country.  Our Government supports every Liberal College that is in this  Country that preaches and teaches ‘Hate the United States ‘ and love to destroy us and bring on Socialism and open borders. to destroy our country and the Nazi Demo-rat Party is at the forefront of destroying our country. The biggest group of people the Nazi-Communist Demo-rat Party wants to destroy is the White population. That is why they are bringing in anyone who is none White and are criminals and Ignorant of any graces. That is why in all the big cities in the USA run by Demo-rats is crime ridden and the Illegal Aliens, Mexicans and Muslims get away with away crime they commit.

We support ever Socialist country in Europe and they work against us.

The reason this has happened we the people never paid attention to voting for these Rat Senators and Congressmen who all work for themselves and have their own agendas. They are not for our Country or we the people. That is why China is now a world power. Because Bill Clinton takes millions of dollars from China and other countries forgiven the special treatment while we in the USA get screwed while they get rich. Most of the Senators and Congressmen have been in office too long that is why they are destroying for their own gain more money. Socialism is not for the people, it for the rich Politicians and rich people but not the common man. In Socialism, the people don’t count only the Staes counts. Our Government run by the Nazi-Communist Demo-rat Party give people like George Soros billions of dollars to work against us with our own money and cause riots in our streets and no one can stop him? Because he pays them a big “Kick Back” with the money they give Soros. He knows corruption when he sees it and uses it against our country and we the people. Our Government gives our money to everyone but us. they don’t have to spend all the money any tax money that has left belong to we the people. 50% of all the people in the USA live in Socialism, and don’t pay taxes  Look it up they are mostly all the Muslims and all the Illegal Mexicans aliens, and none whites. We the people have to back our Country.

Our enemy the Federal Government refuse to give President Trump the money to build the “Wall’ and keep out the Illegal Aliens Mexicans and the rest of the scum from south of Mexico. Our Senators and Congressmen give all the money our enemies need to destroy our Country but they refuse to support our Constitution our freedom our Bill of rights and we the people in favor of bringing people with no skills and don’t speak the Language and make sure they are not White. Our enemy our Government Refuse to stop “Chain Migration” and Lottery migration” but they support Communism, people like George Soros, they give him billions of dollars to wreck our country and any group that wants to destroy our Country. Always remember that the Senators and Congressmen our the enemies of we the people. They favor Illegal Aliens who are criminals and none white over everyone in the USA who is a Citizen. and Refuse to help President Trump and the Nazi-Communist Demor-rat Party is in charge of everyone because the Republicans are gut cowards and refuse to fight for we the people for our country. They all want Open borders and the UN and new World order to keep peace well the UN never kept the Peace we have been in constant wat for a 100 years thanks to our ex-president assholes who sent our children off to die for nothing. But some where they picked a ton of money over the dead bodies of our Troops.