How many Federal Governments do we have

How many Federal Governments do we have. Congress looks to be helpless. The only thing that they can do is create “Dog and Phoney Shows ” for the people to believe they are doing something when in reality they do nothing! Every one who is guilty of a crime against we the people and our country goes free. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, a person who has committed treason against our Country when she was the Secretary of The State. She sold secrets and our Uranium mines for $145,000,000.00 dollars that we know about and nothing happened to her all our enemies and that has been proven. She got away with Treason. Hillary Clinton and Obama had Ambassador Stevens Murdered for their own purposes to sell guns to the enemy the Muslim Terrorists, They sent McCain to tel AL-Qaida and ISIS who claimed to be Freedom fighters against Syria and McCain gave them the assurance and money and weapons to fight against Assad.

The DOJ answers to no one and if they do they are given the question ahead of time and they can figure out how they can lie their way out of anything, and Congress has no power to stop the DOJ. Homeland security seems to be a Police government by itself, creat ( every time I see or type the Word Homeland security I want to Say Heil Hitler, because that name comes right out of WWII and it was Hitler who had a bunch  of thugs that were called Homeland Security) Remember that  George Bush Sr. and family all want open Borders and the New World Order. McCain said that The New World Order was doing great after he and his Rhino Friend Grahm, went to Yugoslavia and said the New world order was working. What were they doing in Yugoslavia, there was nothing there or was there because Obama sent them there.

The FBI has become a Government by itself when Hillary Clinton and Obama ordered them too over through the President, President Trump. Comey Committed a crime, every FBI person at the top Committed a crime, Treason to me by trying to overthrow the Government in favour of Hillary Clinton. Even Donna Brizal is guilty of trying to overthrow the election by giving Hillary Clinton the question before the debates.

Even the Supreme Court worked for Obama, by the Bush Families appointment when Cheif Justice Roberts voted for Obama’s killer health care plan by saying it was a Tax. Do I see and hear that this Roberts in a true Traitor that works for the New World Order Family the Bushes and the Nazi-Communist Demo-rat Party in truth.

All the Buracrasioes work for themselves without having to go to Congress and they pass and destroy our land our health, our food filled with chemicals that give us Cancer and diabetes. Look what the environment Control did to the farmers in California under Obama’s order, look what they did to the Coal and Oil industry they broke the coal companies and the oil Companies that brouth their stock down from $500.00 a share to nothing. The Obama and the Nazi Crooked Demo-rat party and all his friends including himself bought up all that stock and now that the stock market is going up and Coal and Oil are coming back they have become billionaires by Obama ordering the EPA to kill the Coal and Oil Companies. Now, where was the Congress to stop this? NOWHERE. So who runs our country certainly not the Congress and the Senators are all owned by China, Russia, Ukraine and George Soros who owns the Nazi DEmo- rat Party and they all want to destroy our Country, these Rats will do and use anything to destroy our Country and our freedom, for an open Borders the New World Order and only the none White people in this country. Except for the political Eliet. The Clinton Crime family, all the super rich people and the Senators and Congressmen are now pushing socialism. Look at the Propaganda that is put out on TV when you see a White man and a Negro women married in their commericals. The Nazi Demo-rat Party and the deep state know what they are doing. And nothing will stop them.

We the people have to be prepared to fight for ourselves and our country and our freedom. Never give up your gun never regester your gun. Be ready to protect the only President, except for President Warring Harding who during the twenties our Country boomed with jos and ne inventions that benefited the people. And then the Politiacns Killed him. President Trump is doing the same thing by making our Country Great! Be ready for the Civil that the Liberals are pushing, run by George Soros and the Nazi Demo-rta Party and the Deep State with some of the Traitor Republicans. I hope Romney never gets elected he is a true traitor who will work against President Trump and work for the Demo-rats.