Finley stop funding the UN who funds our enemies with our money

President Trump is the greatest President we have ever had.  Trump is finally stopped funding our enemies. Pakistan and the Palestinians our enemy that we the United States gives money to through the UN to support the same people that are killing our soldiers in the Middle East. Now today on Fox they showed General Miller taking over our troops in Afghanistan where we have been killing our soldiers for over 13 years and no win in sight only our troops die in UN “NO WIN WARS!” that our Senators and EX Presidents agreed to 60 years ago… NATO!!! We put into the wars that kill our children for the UN for nothing, for every ten soldiers that NATO puts in from other countries we put in Ten thousand. Our soldiers are the only soldiers in the war zones with a uniform. Easy to kill.  You can’t win a war if you are the only army in the field, and no one else has a uniform, Who is the enemy then? It is easy for the enemy to kill us. and the UN made it that way. The Nazi Demo-rats and Communist thinking “Level the playing field’, making sure more of our troops die then the UN people we are fighting. Our country is big and we have more than enough young nm=men to die in UN “NO WIN WARS” we send our sons and daughters to get their legs and arms blown off and die and all the ex-president and the Senators and Congressmen were and are OK with killing our children for the UN. The UN has never stopped Wars they have created the Wars that we were so happy to let our boys die for the UN And NATO. We have been at War for over a hundred years and that pie in the sky UN doesn’t stop wars they help start them and of course, the United Staes has to send in 100,000 of thousands of innocent troops to die. They can’t fight to win the way they are trained. And because of  Rats like Jimmy Carter on up the line, they put rules of engagement against our soldiers so the enemy has the advantage over them so our Kids die first. Then the propaganda machine tells us they fight for the United States of America. No country that we have been at war with except Saudi Arabia has attacked our country.  They have all been UN no-win wars. And there must be trillions of dollars that go to all our ex-presidents and Senators and Congressmen in War machine that they get richer over the dead bodies of our soldiers. Their children don’t go to any of these no Win Wars and die and get blown apart. Ours do! Obama and our Senators and Congressmen let Obama funnel money to the Muslim Terrorist to kill our kids through the UN and no one stopped him. Obam brought on the invasion of the Muslims into this country to destroy us. But Obama made sure that our soldiers would die. White Soldiers, 90% of all the soldiers from WWI to now that have died and mangled are white. Look it up. if you don’t believe me.

TheUN has never brought peace to the world as intended by H.G.Wells in one of his fantasy books about the world getting to be of one mind. A real fantasy. NA the biggest asshole President we had who started all this crap was Wilson because he thought he was God’s gift to the world he was so brilliant. Wilson was like all the rest of our ex-presidents an egomaniac who believed he could do no wrong. and so were and are all these Traitor Senators and Congressmen help our enemies from when Wilson got elected President. They have never helped the USA or we the people they always worked against us, and with the enemies of our country but never for us, mostly to destroy the White Race and Obama said he was going to change the face of America and he did, by making sure of the Invasion of the Muslims and the Illegal Aliens, Mexicans, who are now called immigrants they are not immigrants they broke our laws they are Illegal Aliens.

So thank God we voted for President Trump who will save our country. Let’s hope that President Trump gets us out of NATO and stop funding the UN and they fold up and go away. We don’t need them to make wars we can’t win and our troops die for nothing and our troops don’t fight for the USA the fight for the UN, in fact, our Armies, Navies are the UN”s Armies and natives who cannot stop wars but only die. We kill our troopps for people who hate us and wnat us to be destroyed and the UN IUs the enemy we support wqith our money. Fuck the UN!!!