Boombox By Dixon Diaz


The L.A. times stopped carrying Diaz for telling the truth about Obama. This from my files from a few years ago. And it is the cause of where we are today and the Demo-rat Party going to try and change us to socialism. If you or anyone remember that it was that Ignorant Negro Maxine Waters who let it out on National TV that they were going to make this country into Socialism. Full Government control to make us their slaves and work for every bust out there is in the world. Diaz told the truth about Obama. And no one is ever supposed to tell the truth about Obam our first Negro President. He was supposed to be like a god. And it is still that way the Fake News media and the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Traitor Party is still covering up Obama’s cri=mes against we the people and the USA. Diaz told the truth.

Why  did  the LA Times Stopped Carrying Cartoonist Diaz
The cartoonist Dixon Diaz can say more in a few little squares than the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal & the Kansas City RED Star combined   . . .