Bail Out, Bail Outs…why?


Since Obama, the Traitor is back on the scene. Let’s take a look at what he did. This is from my files that I wrote when this happened.


                             Bail Out, Bail Out

All the liberal Democrats and Republicans want to do is bail out all the companies and that fail, with our money. The most recent is the auto companies, Ford, G.M. oh I forget Chrysler they are owned by Mercedes-Benz. Oh, I forgot to mention that Chrysler is not an American Company anymore they belong to Germany! If Chrysler is going to get bailed out let Germany bail them it’s their car company, not ours. I remember the first bailout for Chrysler it didn’t work they manufactured the car that the Liberal Socialist Democratic and Republican party said how to manufacture their auto, keep all the cars the same no innovations such as a better engine that gives more horsepower and extremely better gas mileage than the other cars. Don’t you dare compete with the other car company to make a better car keep them all the same? Very little improvement on any of the cars, no real innovation or incentive to improve the cars no competition between the auto companies to give the public a better car for less money than the other guy. No, let the foreign car companies come in and sell their cars because the American cars are now inferior to the foreign cars. Import more foreign cars and ship out less American cars.  At one time no one could compete with the American car companies or any other manufacturing company in the United States of America we made the best of everything no one could beat us, now we make the worst and almost everything we buy is made in a foreign country. China thanks to their man in Washington Bill Clinton, manufactures 90% of the goods that shipped to the United States but they buy nothing from us. The goods imported from China are not high quality but junk.  The United States is fast becoming a Socialist Third World Country because of the people we voted into the Congress and Senate, and now a President who appears to know what he is doing and can con his way along he is a good actor but not a good statesman. With the help of all the Liberal Socialists in Government, we will now be destroyed completely. China is chaffing at the bit to buy Ford and GM and move the factories to China and manufacture Ford and GM there. Do you think that any foreign country plays fare? We are the only dummies who want to be fair. Example Bill Clinton gave China #1 rating and to show them he was fare to make them wealthier than America he also gave them top secret electronic weapons systems that we have in our military arsenal. China immediately called their ally Russia and gave them the contract to build them a fleet of ships that will match and outgun any American ship that is at sea. Russia also has this system now. Again the Liberal Socialist making everyone the same. The only difference is China and Russia and along with Germany and Japan have been our enemies from WWII and they want to destroy us along with our new middle-east enemies. North Korea, our enemy sends thousands of their cars here, we send them nothing. We because of the Liberal Socialist Congressmen and Senators are supporting the same people who want to destroy us. Japan is wealthier China is more wealthier, we have to borrow money from them now were a few short years ago they a third world, Saudi Arabia is wealthier then we are because of our money and on and on. These countries are laughing at us because of the way our Government is corrupt and from the Presidents on down they all have their hands out for the foreign money, does n’t matter that the American People are being sold out it only matters that they, Presidents, Congressmen, and Senators become richer. It’s like walking over dead bodies to attain wealth for themselves. And America freedom is dying but the people don’t realize what is happening to them. The American people will realize our death of a Great Nation when it is too late, which will be soon.  They will want to know how it happened. It happened because of your apathy in voting for the people you voted for.

So where are we with the bail outs? No where. This is where the Democratic and Republican Socialist Government has brought us. Our taxies will be higher and has anybody noticed that our standard of living has gone down and will go down even farther with more B.H. Obama Pelosi and Reed taxation coming soon. But the Presidents, Congressmen and Senators become wealthier and we grow poorer.  How soon will the Federal Socialist Government start selling our States to help pay for the “Bail Outs that they caused in the first place.  This is Socialism and it’s been creeping up on us for years. In the first “bail out” Nancy Pelosi  made sure her husband, Star Kist Tuna got thirty-three million dollars…was or is this a “Bail Out” for the Country of for the Presidents and Congressmen and Senators own people, not you, the American working man, but only for them and their friends and families and don’t you think that they get their commission from the “Bail Out”. I think they do. Money corrupts people and people are corrupt, and you the American working man pay and pay and pay and get nothing. Bring back Capitalism and make the United States wealthy again. Capitalism works not Socialis
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