NAFTA Furthers the North American Union Merger = globalism


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NAFTA Furthers the North American Union Merger

Written by   Monday, 10 September 2018 18:28

NAFTA Furthers the North American Union Merger

With the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) deal up in the air, the dangers and threats of its solidification are still very prevalent. Its inherent power to combine Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. economically and politically under one roof, the North American Union, is heavily promoted by globalists pushing for global government.

Their agenda, whether they accomplish it through a trilateral or bilateral agreement, is for the new NAFTA agreement to be made compliant with the Marrakesh Agreement, which established the World Trade Organization (WTO) and which in fact not be “free trade,” but a globalist sovereignty-destroying deal.

That’s happening on the surface; digging deeper, the process to combine the U.S., Mexico, and Canada is already bearing fruit. The New American writer Christian Gomez has exposed how the three North American countries are being integrated into a North American Union energy infrastructure. This integration is demolishing America’s independence by ceding power in the name of North American cooperation, supposedly to bring additional security and stability.

A 59-page report published by the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated, “State and DOE officials we interviewed said they did not expect the U.S. renegotiation of NAFTA and withdrawal from the Paris Agreement to have a significant impact and stated that the energy sector in North America is already well integrated.”

What does this mean? The Deep State culprits are constantly at work, and they are already integrating systems right under our noses. Mr. Gomez covers it perfectly:

The last North American Leaders’ Summit was held on June 29, 2016, in Ottawa, Canada, between Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, and then-U.S. President Barack Obama.
Although no future meetings have been scheduled yet with President Donald Trump, this report reveals the continued behind-the-scenes moves toward a North American Union by the Deep State.

This tactic has the continued potential to merge the countries together using energy as an excuse.

By aligning energy regulations, the average American household would be subject to regional energy management dictating their consumption down to minuscule details. It would erase boundaries and borders between the three countries. Local and state governments couldn’t do anything to change the laws and Congress couldn’t either. The end result would be a country that doesn’t control its own energy and power plants but would be slaves to the North American Union bureaucracy.

Integration is taking place whether Americans notice or not. Let’s make sure they notice, so we can stop and reverse it! NAFTA is a vital stepping stone for the globalists to morph from a regional trade bloc to a complete regional government known as the North American Union. This threat to sovereignty must be stopped. It’s about time we put a wrench in their plans, just as we did more than a decade ago. Let’s not only send an email to our representatives and senators in Congress but let’s do it in swarms, as well as call and then distribute our Deep State special reports for your community.

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