Lemon is a Racist!!!

Nov 3 at 6:50 PM

Our demo-rat Federal Government has been trying to destroy the White male population from the time that great “thinker” John F. Kennedy said on National TV “I think it would be better for the USA it should be one big mix”? That Black guy on CNN or one of those Traitor TV Fake News Media said the other day that he, Mind you He thinks it will be better if the White male we a gotten rid of” What just wholesale murder, drag them into the streets like the Muslims do and chop off their heads. Or like that Black Panther, I forget his name, wants all the Negros to go into the Hospitals and kill all the White babies. But that’s not racist! That’s the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party Talking. they love the Illegal’s and homegrown criminals who they make more laws to protect them then they do us. Is that racist? Why no. He is Black and he agonist President Trump and he is against the White male population. No that’s not Racist against the White males in this country. Those are facts by this Black Leader. Negro Socialist Justice.
Well, lemon must be a young brain Washed Negro steeped in Racism that he did not know from the time Kenney was elected through all those years and even now, the Federal Government has done it’s best to destroy the White male population. The Demo-rats came up with a law that goes against the Constitution of the USA called Affirmative Action. That put the Negros ahead of any White Male in any walk of life. Even though the White male might be better qualified than the  Negro, male or Female the negro had to be picked first. Even though the none white person couldn’t pass an entrance exam, couldn’t read, couldn’t even talk English. They were the chosen people of the Demo-rat Party, they don’t even have to show up for class. Remember what that great Red Neck president from Texas said to his close friends, “We’ll have the Nigger vote for the next two hundred years. ” And sure enough the Negros turned to the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party. The Exact people who destroyed the Black Family structure. When the government changed the Black population to a matriarch society. The women got pregnant by anyone who went to bed with them. The Negro women never loved those poor kids they brought into the world, they loved the Money the Federal Government gave them per child. Hence the Negro with the help of the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party created the Negro “Asphalt Jungle and raised killers on top of killers. Gangs!
The Nazi Socialist Government has been trying to reduce the White male population starting with the Korean War. A little history. 90% of all wars it was the White male who lost his life, More than another race in this Country. other Races in this country. And it’s been the same as now.  All the sports have 99% negros and a token White player here and there. Why is that? The White athletes aren’t as good as the Negros? No. It’s because the Federal Government and Affinitive Action say’s no matter if the White male is a better athlete, you have to pick the Negro. Also, the Federal Government pumps in millions of  Subsidized dollars to all the sports with money so long as they pick the Black players over the White.
What I am seeing now in Hospitals when the Negros are in charge and are more than the White people, is Socialist Justice where the Negros are in charge. Let’s say you have an appointment to see your Doctor at 9 AM, in a big hospital like Emory, that is run by more Blacks than Whites. If you are White you go last. As the Negros come in for their latter appointments they go before the White Patients, forget about appointment times. Social Justice Negros go first! now, what is Lemon talking about that all the White males should be murdered….by who….? The White male is already hated by our Liberal Nazi Socialist/Demo-Rat Party and Traitor Republicans, they have been and are still doing all can to stop any advancement of the White male in our Country.