Seasons finley gone…good

The best news I’ve heard in a long time. Jeff Sessions resigned. Thank God, now maybe we can get some indictments against the criminals in the FBI and the government who have tried to overthrow President Trump from day one and will have done everything they can to hurt the United States of America all Traitors. Sessions protected them all the time. And how about indicting Hillary Clinton for the crime she committed against our country, she should get at least 1000 years in jail. Read Jarrett’s book and you’ll see how all of them broke the law and got away with it because of Sessions refusing to indite them. Because he refused to get involved with them why? Because Sessions is a crook just like the rest of them, slide open a drawer and don’t that money inside the drawer and I’ll vote any way you want.

Now all the president has to do is find a person from the outside, not inside the government because they’re all pals and old friends who cut up money and it was Sessions job to protect everyone in Government. He was there to protect each other from going to jail, for the crimes they committed against our country.

There’s a great bunch of guys out there that can do Sessions job write indictments and have these people on trial and in jail, convicted and put in jail like anyone else who brakes the law. There are tons of people out there who will indict all of these people and put them in jail where they belong and that’s what we the people want to see we want to see these people go to jail. We are tired of them getting away with everything because they are politicians and Democrats.

They should go to jail just like the rest of us if we commit a crime, the people don’t get any mercy from nobody when they commit a crime they go to jail. End of it.  So Mr. Pres. don’t pick anyone that is in politics, go outside of it and pick someone who is like me who hates the lousy politicians who want to destroy our country our freedom our Constitution our jobs tax us to death and bring in tons of illegal Mexicans, Muslims criminals and anybody that’s not white.