Send the DOJ to Florida prove that the Demo-rats are stealing the Vote!!!

Presidential trump is a citizen of the United States of America, who believes in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Second Amendment, and the First Amendment. I beg you to send the Department of Justice to Florida and investigate Gov. Scott’s race against that rat, Nelson. They are writing ballads all day and all night to get Nelson elected from that particular county by Miami and Palm Beach. So please Mr. President send the DOJ down to Florida and help Gov. Scott win his rightful seat in the in the Senate which he won in the first place. We the people are waiting for you to help him. I don’t live in Florida but I’m telling those rats down there Florida are just like the rats in Chicago all the Demo-rats that they lie and steel votes and they have to be stopped and they have to be put in jail. We the people want to see you send the DOJ to Florida straighten out that election and put those people in jail were cheating. And they got a lot of demo-rats that are cheating there.!!! It is a government election it’s not local so do something to help Scott when his Senate seat which you really want in the first place.