Nazi Demo-rats stealing the election in Fl. & AZ


With the Democrats in control now, and they were before, they tried to rig the election against Pres. Trump and blame the Russians. But it was the Demo-rat party that did it. It was Hillary Clinton with her last letter of lies about Pres. Trump talking to the Russian to fix the election. How stupid can the people of the United States be to even think that Pres. Trump would do something like that. I didn’t get any calls from any Russian telling me to vote for Trump. Did you?

Hillary Clinton was trying to overthrow the election from the day she started with her lies and when they were at the debates together. She got all the questions way beforehand from none other than Miss Donna Brazil. Who broke the law and should go to jail with the rest of the people that tried to rig the election, with the FBI, CIA so Hillary Clinton could win.

Now I see that the Democrats are cheating again to rig an election for themselves down in Florida. Nelson against Scott. Scott won the first count by 73000or 74,000 votes. Now all of a sudden the Democrats are finding all kind of absentee ballots. The Demo-rats must have 1000 people a day writing these absentee ballots and hiding them all over the place and then finding them again. The Demo-rats did the same thing in Minnesota when they elected that goof, AL Franken and became the senator from Minnesota. And they kept finding absentee ballots until they overwhelmed his opponent and they called Franken and the winner in Minnesota. Where was the State to look into this? They wanted Franken to win that’s why they allowed the Nazi Demo-Rat Party to cheat. The Demo-rat party is a party of criminals cheaters liars murderers the worst kind of people in the world that you would want to run our country. And yes the Democrats are running our country right into the ground.

Look at the home-grown terrorists called Antifa, who just recently terrorized Tucker Carlson’s home when he wasn’t there in his poor wife was so scared she locked herself in the closet and call 911. Guess what happened? The police didn’t arrest anybody, it was their right to protest, it was their right to wear masks over their faces so you couldn’t recognize them. It was their right to bang on his door and almost break it down. It was their right to trespass on his property and tear it up. So what so what does that tell you? The police in Washington DC are control by the demo-rat party. They want these home-grown terrorists to terrorize everybody. But they are protected by the police, who refused to arrest them, who have their orders from the demo-rat party. So, now let’s look at the borders. The demo-rats in the Nazi socialist communist party want these illegal aliens from Nicaragua, Honduras everywhere else south of Mexico to come and that his country and Mexico is helping them go through their country, wither you believe it or not. And who was behind most of the terrorist acts in the United States of America who screaming at people that she wants to kill Trump that people have to get in normal conservative people’s faces, in the senator’s faces, and anyone else was for Trump. That great Negro pig, Miss ugly herself, ignorant Racist beyond belief. A typical Nazi demo-rat party bully with a loudmouth that only has threats to make. Who supports all of these people, I’ll tell you who, George Soros and his open borders society, where he gets billions and billions of dollars of our tax money and spends it on these terrorists home-grown terrorists to commit crimes in our cities and get away with it. Destroyed property, terrorize people who are walking the streets, terrorize senators and congressmen. And they get away with. Not only is George Soros behind this with our money, but it is also Maxine Waters who is the leader of these terrorist acts. It is the demo-rat Nazi socialist party that is behind all of this. They train and support these people, they give them money in these dummies who our children take the money and terrorized people.

The Democrats who have elected, I don’t know how many black people, and that a Democrat Congress but I’ll tell you one thing after studying just a few they all think the same. They’re all racists, they hate the United States of America, they want the United States destroyed for themselves and they hate white people. This is what the demo-rat party want. A Nazi socialist communist political party that only wants anyone into this country that is not white. So that the elite white politicians like Nancy the tax Queen Pelosi, that weasel Chuck Schumer, that loud the other loudmouth pig Schultz, who she helped her boyfriend steal $6 million of our tax money. Never got indicted for it, because Jeff sessions won’t indict any of his friends. Good things going we don’t need that rat.

The Communist Party loves chaos, they love criminals, they set up laws for the criminals so they don’t have to go to jail. They set up laws to protect illegal aliens, who break the law murdered people,  rape women and what other crimes they commit. It’s fine with the demo-rat party to let them go back to Mexico and they could come back again commit the same crimes go live in a sanctuary citys where everything is okay with the mayors and the people that run the city are actually, in reality, is guilty as the illegal aliens are committing the crime because they tell them it’s okay and will hide you is it that aiding and abetting a criminal. They are criminals because they come into this country as illegal aliens.

Don’t any of you people out there realize that these people have no education, they all have diseases that we have cured over many many years in this country, they get everything free, they make more money sitting on their rasses at home knocking out babies and crying and screaming to our government that  they have right to be here. And the demo rat party shells out thousands and thousands of dollars to these people a month, where you as a working person have to work your ass off just to keep your family alive. And Nancy Pelosi the tax Queen is going to tax us higher and higher and higher to support the people she wants into this country like her God Obama wants into this country. To overload the system and collapse our economy. These people they come to this country have no skills no trades no nothing most of them are criminals anyway that are let loose from their prisons an insane asylum’s and help to be brought here to the United States of America so they can suck us dry. It really makes me mad when I’m in a hospital and I pay few thousand dollars $5000 a year for hospitalization and these illegal aliens, who never worked a day in their lives walk into that a hospital the same one I am in and they paid nothing. And nobody puts them in jail they just walk right out and it’s their right, and the rest of white Americans can go pound salt up our ass. They are now the favorites of the Nazi socialist communist demo-rat party more important then us but they don’t speak the language they have no skills except if they are gang members and that skill is killing people, robbing people and blackmailing business for pay off or they get burned out. I almost forget and sell dope.

Look with at fools in Arizona are doing, their voting for a person, this woman whose nuts far as I’m concerned, who said the people in Arizona are just stupid and it was okay if you wanted to go join Isis or to tell of being even if you’re an American citizen. How about that? Don’t the people in Florida and Arizona know what the hell they’re doing, by voting in the psychopaths you know is going to stop president Trump from doing anything he wants to do now because they are in charge again.

Yeah, Chief Justice John Glover Robert Junior could’ve stopped Obama killer care, but he made it tax. I wonder what kind of scandal they had on this guy? Don’t forget Dr., I forget his name, who wrote the Obama killer care say that we the people were stupid. Looks like he was right. Because more than half of the people voted for. Nazi socialist/communist demo-rat party wants to destroy you white population, want to destroy this country for open borders, for George Soros and no sovereignty for the United States of America.


The other thing is Obama caused the invasion of Muslims into this country. It’s like a Trojan horse. They produce children8 to one over every American. They don’t have to work. They make more money per family because the guy is married to one woman upfront, but he’s got three or four others in the back. They walk into Social Security offices and tell them what they have no husband noted that they don’t know anything, they get $1500 a month per child. Did they work for any of the S.S money? NO. The Muslims are buying up whole towns with our money. And who was at fault for this, Obama and his Muslim regime, every demo- rat in the house in half for the Republican who are traitors. You think we’re going to survive in this country? In a few more years when all the illegal Alien  Mexicans grow up and all the Muslims grow up and they start taking over the government and implanting Spanish is the language of the country. Giving back to Mexico the  Southwest. 

When the Muslims will change the law from the Constitution and freedom to sharia law. Where the Muslims make it legal to kill, chop off heads, chop off arms and hands, have rape rooms for women, if you don’t embrace Islam.  They have the right to drag you into the street and chop your head off. Don’t forget the Muslims have training camps all over the United States of America in urban warfare that Obama and his buddy Brennan, a communist Muslim, worked to train these people and Obama bought 22,000 shotguns, Obama said they were for the IRS. Lies!!! They were for his Muslim friends so when he gave them the word after they took away our rights to the Second Amendment after finding people they would commit mass murders against soft targets like schools and churches and kill children, and then try to take away our right to own a gun. When that happens this country is lost because we’ll never be able to protect ourselves against the evil bastards that come into this country as illegal aliens from Mexico, and the Muslims.

Never give up your gun, pay attention to what the hell is going on in this country there is nothing for nothing nobody’s going to give you anything free. Our enemy The Nazi party Demo-rats are going to take everything we have away from us. Because now they have the power. Be ready for a Civil War. And like Nancy Pelosi says too bad, there’s going to be collateral damage, so be it, as long it is us and not their Terrorists. Because we are not only going to have to fight the Muslims. Were going to have to fight the illegal alien Mexicans, Nicaraguans, Hondurans, Pan-American, and MS 13 gangs, don’t forget the Puerto Rican  gangs they hate us to. They want this to be United States of Puerto Rico. And the black gangs. We the white civilized people of the United States of America standalone. And we better protect ourselves anyway we can. When these terrorists come to your home and terrorize you and break your door down get your shotgun and shoot them make sure you kill them. That’s what the Democrats want, that’s what George Soros wants.

. Soros is a citizen the United States of America but he’s a freaking traitor, to this country and to every other country in the world. He is smart enough to get money from our government to destroy us but never use his money, country in the world. And the Nazi Demo-rats who in charge of giving money out to Soros and all over the world, in billions of our dollars our tax dollars, not theirs ours. They get millions of dollars back in kickbacks and don’t kid yourself they don’t they’re all rats. They think our tax money belongs to them. Not us! Were just a stupid ass holes that have to pay for everything. The people that break their backs working just eke out a living for them and their families. The white people. Who do not see Demo-rat party hate.

How do we know that the Nazi most socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party didn’t have all Illegal Aliens Mexicans voting?