President Trump stands alone!!!


It is too bad that president Trump did not destroy his enemies in the first two years of his presidency. He should’ve destroyed Muller, Pelosi, Schumer, and all radical traitor  Republicans that were against him from the very beginning.

Now it is too late because the fake news media plus Fox News media convinced the people that in the second two years of anybody’s presidency the Congress and Senate changes back to what it was, all Democrats. Now president Trump cannot get the things done We people wanted him to do because he is now surrounded by all the Democrats who hated him and all the rat Republicans that are traitors that will not back him to get the wall built to stop the illegal aliens, they are not illegal immigrants, they are illegal aliens trying to break into this country to just overload the population or load our system and destroy our country as do the Democrats want and so do the Republicans want the same thing they want, open borders they do not want our sovereignty of the United States of America they do not want the people of the United States of America to be able to make a living make money have a little money in their pockets and enjoy the American way of life.

The Democrats and traitors Republicans want the American people especially the white people to have no say in anything. To have no money in their pocket to feel no safety in their life’s to feel insecure 24 seven and live in chaos and crime and live with illegal aliens want to become citizens of the United States of America were so ignorant they can’t even read their own language. They don’t want to learn to read their own language they don’t want to go to our schools they act like savages they don’t even know what a toilet is. But the Democrats have used them in the last election where illegal aliens were allowed to vote in many of the democratic states so that the Democrats got into the office again so that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and all the Democrats can go back to the Obama communist thinking and overload the system with illegal aliens whom we cannot support and who have no skills whatsoever to become helpful and useful to this country. They are here to milk this country dry of all the free money our money that they don’t have to work. And they are organized by the Democrat organization and George Soros who uses our money to destroy our country. The Democrats give George Soros billions of dollars a year to destroy our country but they refused to give president Trump any money to build a  wall and stop the illegal alien Mexicans on Hondurans, El Salvador and all the rest of Rats that are coming to this country and being organized by  Communists that we the American people pay for with our taxes.

It is also the people of the United States of America who refused to vote for the people that president Trump wanted us to vote for so that we could keep and find a safe free United States of America with no illegal aliens that we have to pay for. They don’t belong here, we the people don’t want them here. yet the politicians want them here. They think that with open borders our senators and congressmen and traitors like Maxine Waters, big Dick Durbin, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer who is a socialist want to destroy our country and the white people of this country.

They don’t want the white people  in this country are the elite white politicians that are traitors who will run our country. They are following the Kennedy doctrine when he said that there would be better off if we in the United States of America became a mixed race, no white people. This way they can control every body. Our government hate the white people and want to destroy us in favor of black brown or anyone that isn’t white. Also part of the Obama doctrine that he caused the invasion of all the illegal Mexicans and all the Muslims into this country so that the Muslims could take over change our laws to sharia law destroy our Constitution and then start killing all the Christians and Jews who Obama and his gang of rats hate all of us.

It is too bad that the people of the United States did not back president Trump like we were supposed too, but we let the Democrats take over again. And Mitch O’Connell is nothing but a coward who stands by and lets Chuck Schumer take over the Senate and spew his poison against president Trump and our ideas the American ideas. But McConnell and  rest of the Republicans will not stick up for president Trump. President Trump stands alone except for the few of us who will stand by president Trump 120% all the way and we will fight for him and stick up for him and fight for him if need be.

President Trump  is the  only president in the 20th century to the 21st century of the United States of America that has been and is for the people of the United States United States of America first last and always while the rest of these presidents have sold us to all the governments in this world that hate us. with the help of  our senators and congressmen and those traitor presidents received millions and millions of dollars from all of these countries to wreck our country and give them money. They have all created tax free Foundations to launder that money.

I don’t care how long president Trump has the government shutdown and I hate that smirk on  Chuck Schumer’s face when he tells us that Trump will never get his wall, well we’ll see about that.