21st century

We are in the 21st century and things should be moving forward were we the people of the United States are happy, working and have money in our pockets and most diseases are cured, and like I said people should be looking forward with smiling faces for the good stuff that should be coming

But were not, because of our government, who have become tyrants and don’t think of the people and want to control us body and soul. And do what they say we should do not what they do.

Our enemy, our government, the UN, Europe. All these governments throughout the whole world are our who the United States of America supports. The only thing our enemy our government is interested in is turning this into a Third World socialist communist country and not moving forward into the sunshine but moving us backwards into the dark ages. Where the rich and powerful rule, Senators and Congressmen rule over us like dogs

There is very little happy happiness in the USA. We are in a constant war because of the UN and NATO said that the UN and NATO would stop all wars but they didn’t stop all wars they created more wars and because United States of America is their official Army we are losing young men hand over fist for nothing. The propaganda machine says they’re protecting America but we are not, we are protecting the interests of other countries that belong to the UN and the interests of George Soros. Our soldiers don’t die for the USA, they die for the UN. The UN works against the United States of America and our freedom.

There is only chaos, crime, racism, caused by our enemy our senators and congressmen, plus the fake news media that is working with our enemy our government to destroy our country, another reason why the demo rat party, the enemy the people, that sell us out to Russia, China and any country that offers the money. And all the legal aliens into this country as long as they are not white to dominate our country over all the white people. They bring in Diseases that we can cure, and they are a drag on this country and contribute nothing. To what end does our enemy our government want this to happen, To end the United States of America as sovereign country. It’s not to help we the people of the United States that support our enemy our government who supports the rest of our enemies throughout the world and in this country. They never support the people of the United States they always support the enemies of United States of America. Enemies that include illegal immigrants from Mexico, Muslims to help the demo rat party and our government including the Republicans to destroy our country. The only person that we have and fights at all by himself, President Trump, to bring us into the 21st century where we the people can have money in our pockets a nice life less crime no illegal aliens, and keep the Muslims out of this country.

The Muslims again like in the seventh century are again taking over the world but this time they’re not doing it by the sword. They are taking over the world through the governments of the world who are bringing them in to their countries so that they can take over the country’s laws and introduce Islam, where you join you get your head chopped off.

So the 21st century instead of moving into the sunshine we are moving into the darkness because of the enemies of the country. Our senators our Congressman who allow the UN to dictate to us what we can and cannot do. Our government in reality hate the people of the United States, especially if you are white. We will soon have to stand up and fight for our freedom. So be ready be armed, die before you give up your gun. The time is coming when we the people are going to have to stay in the in-flight our enemy our government, and the Muslims and Illegal Mexicans, that are going to take over the United States of America and destroy us with the help of our enemy our own Government.