Bernie Sanders hypocrite, socialist communist Russian agent

Quote of the day from Bernie the communist Russian agent standards as he made his speech in front of a bunch of dummies who believe that everything is going to be free for because a Sanders bull shit. Struck a high note the other day when he said that Pres. Trump is not above the law can you believe that?

When Bernie Sanders the Russian communist agent, his wife stole $10 million dollars from a college that she destroyed. And she is above the law, and so is Bernie Sanders above the law. Because Bernie Sanders is no goody two shoes. When he was running for president he was getting $40 million a month from donations and from communism USA. When he got out of the election, what did he do almost $40 million dollars.

Did he spread the wealth and share that money with the people that he’s promising free education free housing free medical. All Bernie Sanders a multi-multimillionaire he might even be a billionaire. No one can see what he pays in taxes. Why do these guys spend millions and millions of dollars for a job that only pays hundred and $176,000 a year. Because they are above the law and can steal all the money they want and never go to jail. You spit in the street you go to jail. Senators and congressmen steal and sell us out to other countries treason basic treason and they don’t go to jail they just get more rich. So Bernie the communist Russian agent is a hypocrite a liar and a scum.