Pennsylvania to go after a gun but not the criminals who use the gun to kill the people.

Supposedly 4or5 innocent people were murdered the other day in Pennsylvania somewhere. Which is very sad. But we live in times now that are more dangerous than it was in the 19th century, everyone who is old enough should be able to carry a concealed weapon to protect himself and his family from these killers whoever they are.

I go to a soft target every Sunday, when I go to church, and I carry my gun into church, it’s concealed but I have it with me all the time. The ushers in our church also carry concealed weapons to protect the innocent people that go to church. But I live in the state that believes in you can either carry a concealed weapon or you can carry an exposed weapon. Stops a lot of would be shootings.

Now Pennsylvania in order to solve this problem, so I heard on the news, fake news whatever news. That it’s not important to catch the killers who they don’t know who they are because it was supposedly a random shooting that killed these people. But guess what the geniuses that run that state are going to go after? The gun, not the people that committed the crime in the murder, but the gun.

There was a thing I read years ago and some guy was interviewing some editor, though I don’t know editor of a newspaper and he was ached, “who did the killings, the reporters responded I don’t know. What what the police say/. The police didn’t say anything. Don’t they know what was. No. Damn let’s blame the gun…

One way to stop all these killings that are going on is bring back the death penalty for all the people that are involved in the killing even if you’re driving the car and somebody is killed somebody who murders them with a gun just for the fun of it he should get the death penalty too. Stop blaming the gun. The gun has no arms, legs face or brain. Blame the blame word belongs where blame should be given , blame the criminals that carry out these killings and make laws to stop them! Not the gun the gun is innocent! People are guilty of crimes. And as long as the government is sponsoring MS 13 games Puerto Rican gangs, black gangs, MS 13, Muslims, and they get away with murder this is going to stay and keep going on; and it will never stop until these people are stopped. Stop blaming the gun start blaming the people that use the gun that are criminals normal people don’t go around killing people but criminals do. Pennsylvania is an ass hole state for putting out a statement like that in the first place. Let the police do their work find the criminals give them the death penalty and don’t keep them in jail for 20 years with the cases that they can say you know what I want to review this and three months they die. You will see all the killings stopped

But the demo red party that runs our country love chaos, murder, crime, all to get rid of the Second Amendment. When Obama was in there, there were mass murders for eight years, soft targets, children and innocent people who could not defend themselves, and who caused them? Obama caused them to get rid of the second amendment. Who was the head of CIA, who could find wacko people that are ready to kill people and get a hold of him and convince him what targets to use. John Brennan, communist, Muslim, one of Obama’s chosen people who knew who the people were every Tuesday that the CIA would have to kill for Obama.

To all the people they can read this never walk out of your house without a pistol in your pocket so that you can protect your wife your children and yourself any time any place anywhere.