Stop All immigration to this country

Yes, I agree with Pres.tRUMP in everything he does and I would back president trouble hundred and 120%. He is the only president in modern-day history to try to save the sovereignty the freedom our Constitution our first and second Second Amendment. Pres. trump is a true to God American first.

Since Nancy Pelosi, socialist communist agent since she was elected to Congress. Chuck Schumer, another socialist communist agent since he got elected to Congress or the Senate. They have all taken bribes from the Russian government nobody can ever tell me anything different if you investigate their background to see what rats and crooks they really are.
Now with trouble at the board and a demo red Congress refuses to help Pres. trump, and the trator Republicans, like Mitch O’Connell, Romney, Rubio, Mr. stupid, never stand up for Pres. trump trying to protect our borders. If we don’t have enough policemen down there border guards ice you name it we don’t have any we need more, I suggest that Pres. trump use all the National Guard and Army and Marine Corps soldiers wherever they are send them to the border armed and they can stop and arrest illegal aliens dinner crossing our border every day. Yes and shut down the border to Mexico. Stop using the Jimmy Carter doctrine of giving billions of our dollars to these third-grade countries where the thieves and rats that run those countries keep the billions of dollars for themselves so they can stay in power and he could care less what goes on with the people in their countries..

They are more than happy to release all the prisoners and their prisons for all the crimes that they’ve committed from murder to everything. They’re also happy to let all all the psychopaths from their mental hospital to come to this country. And they’re also very happy to get rid of all the people that refused to work..

We are in a non-shooting war believe it or not and the enemy is Mexico. Honduras. Guatemala. El Salvador, in Nicaragua these people are invading our country, not to become Americans because none of them refused to learn how to speak English learn the American way of life. Don’t appreciate the freedom they have in this country. These people can’t even read or write their own language. They have no skills, they have no education, they bring disease with them, that some of the diseases we have never even seen before in this country.

In bringing with them diseases that we have cured, they know nothing of sanitation. They know nothing of anything but the promise of everything free when they come into this country. The house, a car which they don’t even know how to drive and will cause more accidents, money healthcare everything that the normal American the white American will never receive being subsidized by the government for the rest of their lives for their vote so we can have our country destroyed. Overwhelmed because we can’t stop them. The Crowley/Priven agenda overrode the system and destroy the country.
White teachers who hate America. And in one of my articles I told you about the 50 big-time colleges that teach hate America and embrace socialism and communism and the fools that send their children to those colleges that come out hating America and they don’t even know why. They think they know what they don’t know nothing. They are also taught to destroy the family structure. I’ve seen that in my own family were these supposedly smart children refused to call you uncle, or any other thing that referred you that belongs in your family. Communist doctrine destroy the family. Government is God and everybody should worship the gods that run this country and that is socialism and communism

But because of Obama’s ambition to transform the United States and something we were never meant to be, he had all the help from all our senators and all our congressmen to destroy this country. He made sure with the help of the Democrats and the trader Republicans that no white person will immigrate into this country and no white person has immigrated into this country for over eight years. The biggest immigration into this country caused by Obama his group of traitors, the Democrat party who want to destroy the white population of this country. Ask Joe Biden you so happy that the white people no longer are the majority of people in this country.

Also Obama like the Bush family brought in all the Muslims they could find to bring them into this country and we and we support every one of them because none of them work they are tribes of Obama brought in hundreds of tribes into this country.

And who sponsored Obama to become president of this country that they knew from day one that he hated the United States of America and loved Ishlam. Obama put in the Trojan horse that is spreading through this country like a disease that can’t be stopped. All to destroy United States of America, and keep the demo-rat socialist communist party in power forever. There will never be a United States of America again thanks to these policies that these tratiors brought into this country.
If there is ever going to be true freedom for we the white people of this country we will have to go to our Bible and our guns.

And Pres. Trump stands alone, he is the hero, the real hero, of the United States of America.