President Trump Stands Alone

Pres. Trump stands alone against all the politicians both Republicans and Demo-rats, it was proving the other day when Pres. Trump was making a speech, that the Republicans would be known for the ones that destroyed Obama care.

But Mitch O’Connell and all the Republican senators turned on Pres. Trump like the snakes that they really are. They will not come up with a medical plan for the United States of America and we the people, the white people, because the white people don’t matter to the politicians in Washington. It is only anyone who is not white matters to both parties. The Republicans will never do anything to put Obama care to rest. They stick up with their buddies that want to destroy our country and are doing a good job, they want to destroy Pres. Trump and are doing a good job. The Communist/socialist demo rat party, want open borders, only nonwhite people in the country except for them, they are elite whites that run the country. I should say who are running the country into the ground.

All the things that are bad that are happening to our country have been created by senators and congressmen of both parties And all the ex-presidents of the 20th and 21st century. All these ex-presidents when important came up billionaires by selling us out all over the world to any country that would offer him enough money .

They, The Republicans in demo rats, helped Obama, with Obama care because I don’t care what anybody says they were paid off in millions and millions of dollars by the health insurance companies, to bring in Obama care so they could make tons of money off of everybody that is nonwhite that is on the government dole and we white people of this country get it stuck where the sun don’t shine with no grease. Also Obama care would take control of everyone in the United States of America. This is what our great politicians wouldn’t tell us. And this is what that traitor, from the Supreme Court, John Roberts called it a tax to keep Obama care ally. I call Obama care killer care and that’s what it is exactly killer care.

In both parties are against Pres. Trump in our border security. Then the Republican Party has nerve to send you letters to donate your money to these Parties that robbed enough money by selling our country out to support 90,000 people in this country for 90 years let the Republican Party, Senators in Congressman, use their own money don’t give them nothing don’t give the Dem-rat Party nothing, they are against our president Pres. Trump and are doing everything they can to destroy him so why should we pay money to people that are going to get elected to the Senate and the Congress and destroy us anyway. There would be no Republican Party if it wasn’t for Pres. Trump.

Pres. Trump tries his best, 120%, to give us what he promised and the traitor Republicans promised us, and now they’re backing away in stabbing Pres. Trump in the back. Why not? Mitch O’Connell’s owned by China, and the Insurance companies he gets about $25 million every few months or more from His wife’s families Who own all the transport ships that ship all the stuff for communist China to our country and any where else in the world, what does he care about our country Or anyone else who is a traitor Republican Sen. Congressman and all the Democrats included who are senators and congressmen who have become billionaires by selling a cell to foreign countries. They have all committed treason and walk away super rich scott-free and want to destroy our country, and we the white people that hold this country together.. None of these traitors care about our country or we the people. The only care about destroying our Constitution, destroying our freedom, destroying the family structure of the white people, destroying religion in place of Islam, trying to destroy the police department in favor of MS 13 gangs in black gangs in Puerto Rican gangs to rule the streets of the United States of America and do away with laws and the police department.

Look to the so-called sanctuary cities where crime is allowed to illegal aliens from Mexico,Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador. These illegal aliens come into this country commit all kind of heinous crimes murder, rape, crimes against children, drunkenness robbery you name and they do it Period; and they get away with. You’ve seen in California that guy picked up a gun killed an innocent girl for nothing he got away with her Murder and walked away free,walked out free as a bird. He had many crimes in His background of crimes that he committed here, then they send them back to Mexico he comes back and committed more crimes including murder. And that’s why sanctuary states like California, Illinois and the rest of them have crime so high that they refused to tell the people how high their crime rate is in their cities and states, because they’re protecting illegal aliens, not migrants,. Who refused to speak the language, who have no skills, who contribute nothing to the United States of America but drain us of our money.

The invasion of the Muslims is no different that was started by Barack Hussein Obama. Talk about socialism we support everybody in this country and we support every country in the world with billions of our dollars. That’s how much our politicians care for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the freedom of we white America, and they want to take away the first and second amendments so that they can have a gun by our heads. ( when they take away our guns) The fake news media is also their intermediate and they keep sending out the same story every day every day every day against Pres. Trump our country and they want socialism/communism to run this country.

Obama and his gang rats including all our congressmen and senators destroyed the oil industry and the coal industry for this bull crap about green energy. Obama and his gang and their senators and congressmen even said that with this green energy the prices of energy would skyrocket and cost we the people tons and tons of money more than we had for one we used fossil fuels for energy. So here’s what this traitor Obama, and our senators and congressmen and Hillary Clinton and all the rest of them, here’s what they did after Obama destroyed the oil industry and the coal industry. The stocks went down to nothing. Guess who bought these stocks up for pennies on the dollar Obama and his traitors with their green thing again and all the senators and congressmen. Inside trading bought up all the stocks of oil and coal. Obama knew that these industries would come back and they would make millions and millions of dollars. Guess what people the oil and coal industry came back and Obama and his and his crew of traitors are making millions and millions of dollars every day while we the working people the last of the middle class are being choked to death with taxes.

Gas prices are going higher and higher. When the Democrats take over and the Republicans are on their side, we will again be starving to death while working and all of our money in taxes to support, the Muslims, who are producing children at 8 to 1 because they have one real wife, and three other wives who are in the Social Security offices all the time getting more money to support all of their children. Then we stupid people of the United States of America that support these traitors with our votes in our money.

White people of the United States better wake-up, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Hillary Clinton, Mitch McConnell all his rats will soon destroy we the people in our country.

In the Bible it said there one day be one big war that will last for a long time and then there will be peace in the in the world. The big war is coming. Be ready, never let our government take away your gun die first like I will if anybody came from my gun. It will be to take back our lives from the Muslims and the Gangs in the street that rule this country.

Now if the Jews of World War II in the 30s and 40s would’ve stood up to the Nazis and sacrifice their lives when the Nazis came and took away their weapons that they could protect themselves and her families the Nazis couldn’t have rounded them up and burned them in the ovens.

When Islam takes over this country there will be no Christians and Jews alive that’s why you have to have your gun and that’s why the demo-rat party of Obama and Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer and the Republican Party are pushing for “no guns, no first amendment

They are also pushing for a Civil War if the people wake up. But if there is a Civil War we have to march on Washington DC and make sure that all these people never again pass laws in this country for themselves and other countries but never the USA.

Pres. Trump is a hero of this country and history should look at him as a hero because he is the only president in modern day history of this country that actually stands up for this country and works for this country so that we the people can have a better life