Pope Francis wants to bring the Islam into the Catholic Church

This is from mom freedom outpost. ANSA reported Wednesday that ‘Pope Francis said God wants interfaith solidarity as he spoke about his trip to Morocco last week in during his weekly general audience on Wednesday.” The Pope said:” with Muslims, we are descendants of the same father, Abraham: why does God permit there to be so many religions?… What what God wants is a fraternity between us and in a special way – here is the reason for this trip – with our brothers, sons of Abraham like us Muslims. We know must not be afraid of difference: God allowed this. We must be afraid if you do not work in fraternity, to walk together in life.

Pope Francis isn’t the first Pope to start working with the Muslims to try to get the two faiths Catholicism and Islam together. It started in the 60s when this church changed from what it was to what it is today. So all the Popes have worked with for the Muslims to bring them into the Catholic Church in fact they’ve even adopted some of the Muslim signs of worship.

Now this Pope, Pope Francis a true socialist communist that doesn’t believe in God that doesn’t believe in Catholicism and does not work to worship Jesus Christ as God. And he claims, Pope Francis, that God told him to do this. Does he think that we the people of the 21st century are as stupid as the people in the first century of the church. God doesn’t talk to nobody and God didn’t tell the Pope to do this. Pope Francis is following the Obama doctrine Islam is the religion of the world to be. Open borders no laws and Soylent Green

I can’t believe that Pope Francis is so naive of the Muslim religion. They don’t believe in Jesus Christ, they believe in the moon god and the sun god who got married and have all the children in the world are the stars in outer space.

Now the Catholic Church is going to embrace Islam according to Pope Francis. What are we going to adopt,In the Catholic religion? Honor killing, you can kill your wife or your children if they get out of hand and want to leave the 7th century, and there’s no problem that your children can murder reach other for honor killing in the family. Women have to be circumcised and wear a burka. Pedophilia in Islam is okay rape and sodomize little boys, that’s fine, Marry little girls from infancy to nine years old. When these little girls are nine years old and they marry an adult male, that male can have intercourse with them.

Pope Francis I think is the last Pope in the Catholic religion because he has just destroyed Catholicism. By wrapping his arms around Islam and helping Islam to take over the world and kill Catholicism.

I like to bet that in that letter that the Blessed Mother wrote and was given to the Pope at that time, that this was all in the letter that was going to happen to the future of the Catholic Church it was going to be destroyed little by little and now, like Obama destroying the United States of America, Pope Francis is now going destroy the Catholic Church.

Those who go with Pope Francis, do not believe in Catholicism or Jesus Christ is our God. The Muslims hate the Jews so much that give them a chance not only will they chop off Jews heads with all chop off Catholic heads and Christian heads with no trouble at all in the streets in cities throughout the world because of Pope Francis bringing the Muslims into the Catholic Church and destroying our church.

What will the American priests, and priests all over the world going to do when Pope Francis gives them the order that Islam is going to be part of the Catholic religion. I myself will not put up it I am not a Muslim, I don’t believe in Islam, I believe the Muslims are enemy of the world a murder cult, like our Federal Government, a murder cult and power to start the slaughter of Jews Christians throughout the world.

This to me looks like the war that everybody talked about years ago in the world that there be a war that will cost millions of lives and it will the Muslims and the rest the world. And after that. There will be peace for a long time and then the end of the world.

The government of the United States of America are enemy is also pushing for Islam to rule this country. Ask Obama who is still in charge of the government.

So, when our government or the when the UN and our Government come to take away our weapons, this is when the Muslims will come out with their swords and start chopping heads off. Do you know that we have Muslim training camp sponsored by Obama and John Brennan a Muslim himself, a communist like Obama. We fund and support these Muslim training camps for Muslims training in Urban warfare against we the people of the United States of America. In New York State there’s five training camps alone. In every state of the United States there is a Muslim training camp training in urban warfare and are supplied with guns and ammo and how to destroy a city in fight in the city door-to-door combat trained by us.

Obama who still in control of everything in this country and Brennan who committed Obama’s murderers every Tuesday. I would like to see that list of all the American citizens that were on Obama’s hit list that Brennan would carry out.. Remember our federal government is our enemy, the Democrats work against us 24 seven along with McConnell and his trader Republicans. They work for our enemy whoever they are in the world and wherever they are in the world they never work for the people of the United States of America. The only person in modern-day history that does work for us and our Country to help the United States of America we the people, is a true patriot and hero of this country like George Washington and any of the other good presidents we had which are few and far in between, is Pres. Donald Trump!!!