The Pope is a Communist and for the Muslims!!!

Pope Frances, like Obama, is a true Communist and like Obama was made President to destroy the United States of America. Pope Frances like all the Cardinals are ready to kill the Catholic Religion. This Pope is carrying the works of the last two Popes trying to get the Muslims  to come into the Church.
Not only did the Catholic Church in the 60’s started to commit Suicide by, again from the Communist Manifesto, destroy tradition and instill the new thinking. And the cardinals and the Popes did it. They destroyed tradition and installed the new  thinking  and managed to take God right out of the Religion.  Now they like Obama want us to join the Muslim Killer Cult  Religion.,The Catholic Church has already adopted many of the Muslims ways to pray and have adopted White, a long time ago instead of keeping Black as a mourning the dead. Like the Muslim the Church choose white.
Pope Francis is more on the side of the Muslims who would kill him and every Catholic and Jew in the world giving a chance. And this Pope who is a Communist does not believe in the Catholic Church does not believe in Jesus Christ. He belies in the Sate and the New world order. And wants a Universal Church that will please the Muslim, Jews, Baptist, and all the religions. But like Obama and the Traitors that run our Country they want the same thing with the destruction of the USA to be the leaders. And the rest of us their slaves. It is not about believing in Jesus Christ it is about money. And the Pope is doing all he can do to help Muslims and Racism and climate control going and in the end destroy the Catholic church in favor of a Pagan Religion that believes in killing their own children for any infraction and their wives and sodomize little boys and marry nine year old little girls. And everything that goes against the Civilized world.
Notice, no Muslims and Illegal Mexicans, and Gangs that run the USA and who are in our jails for murder will never get the death penalty. The Demo-rats love the criminals and support them with money and do everything to keep them out of jail and do everything they can to take away our right to own and now we have to carry a gun where ever we go to protect our selves from the Muslims and all the Gang Bangers who freely roam our streets and run cities like Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angels, where every the Demo-rats are in control. The Pope is the same. Like Obama said when push comes to shove he is for the Muslims it is the same with the Communist Pope Frances he is for the Muslims!

Pope worried over Trump’s plan on Jerusalem

New York Post 11 hours ago