Lies against President Trump

From Political Insider:

It’s doubtful that any of this reasoning will convince liberals that President Trump isn’t mentally ill. The left is hell bent on removing Trump from office by any means necessary. Citing a lack of mental fitness is just one ways liberals and journalists try to smear sitting Republican presidents. They did it to George W. Bush, they did it to Ronald Reagan, and they did it to Richard Nixon. Questioning a president’s mental ability comes straight out of the liberal playbook.

The President clearly knows the Anthem. Any assertion otherwise is a desperate attack meant to tear Trump down.


Screw the Fake News Media and the Liberal left, and the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party. President Trump is the best President this country has seen in over a hundred years and he beats Reagan. You know who is insane? Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, Hillary Clinton, all the super Rich elite Senators and Congressmen. The Liberal Left and the Fake News Media. All they ever wanted was for the USA to die, along with all the White people. President Trump is bring back real jobs. He’s is cutting taxes to help we the people and business so they can hire more people. President Trump is cutting Obama and the Nazi Communist Demo-rats regulations stopping the USA tto advance into the 21st century. What did Jimmy Carter do for the USA, talk about presidents being crazy with his Baptist Bull shit. Carter in one of his fireside chates on National TV told we the people that we have to lower our standard of living to match Europe. Then our prices for everything went sky high and so did our taxes, he started the Middle East on fire, sold our Panama Canal and now the Chinese run it. How mush money did he put in his pocket for selling us out, and brought in the Trilateral Commission, started by David Rockefeller who created it to destroy us, The first thing that Bush Sr. did right after he got elected was raise the price of Gasoline so Saudi Arabia could make billions of dollars from us. OPEC, partners with the Bush Family I wonder what their commission is on all the oil we buy from OPEC. Then old man Bush got us into a no win war to protect OPEC oil. Bush is a big time Trilateral Commission person and belongs to the Bildeberg. The last thing old man Bush did was tell us no new taxes and read my lips. We got taxed to death and the last thing he did was tell us that the “New World Order” is on it’s way. Regan was OK but that not that good. Regan cut the gas price down toi 35 cents a galllon and the he told the states that they could tax the gasoline thgeir went our gasoline cut becasue all the Styaes raised their taxesa to match the full priceiof the gas what it was before. Then he pulled the rug out from asll the farmers who were told to borrow all the money they wanted from the Government to buy big time farming equipment and he pulled the rug out form under them and made them pay. Most of the farmers lost their farms and then Countries like Germany bought up our farms and we paid the price and all that food, the best goes to Germany and other Foreign Countries that bought the farms. How about giving citizenship to all the Illegal Mexicans, who washed their babies in toilets because they didn’t know what a toilet was. Not that good of a President, maybe he was crazy. Now we come to the best Big Bill Clinton, who someone said he was running the biggest dope ring in the country importing Co-Cain and other drugs in his private airfield in Arkansans. Clinton sold us out every chance he got. He sold us out to China, and North Korea for the tune of 5 billion dollars and two nuclear reactors plus giving the the technology, and you know the Clinton’s never do anything for free I wonder how much of a kick back he got from that 5 billion to North Korea, more then likely it was 60/40 in his favor with the promise of more money when they needed more money to develop nuclear bombs to bomb the USA with. Then he gave China secrets for money so they have the same equipment we have better to knock us out with if they go to war against us. A Serial Repast degenerate, along with his fat pig VP super rich Al Gore. Now we come to Bush Jr. who got us back into a war with Iraq, because of the Bombing of the twin towers in New York. The country we should have gone to war wit was and is Saudi Arabia they were he ones who killed over 3 thousand innocent people. Bush was again protecting OPEC the Bush Family’s partner in making money. BUsh Jr was also instrumental on getting Obama elected President of the USA. They all belong to the same club. The Biildeberg that want to destroy the USA and bring the riches Banks and people in the world back to the power they had when the world was ruled by Kings. And what did Obama do and he is crazy, just about destroyed the USA with Obama Care and regulations to destroy our country Obama borrowed over ten trillion dollars and split it up with all the Nazi Communist Demo-rat and Traitor Republicans. But we must remember that none of these rats could do anything with out the full cooperation of the Senate and the Congress, for their share of the  “Kick Back Money”