They all cooperated with Obama all the way

All these people who are the head of the FBI, the State Department, DOJ, Say they will not work with the President of the United States of America. They claim to be their own thinkers and they will decide what to do not the President. He can’t ask theme to do anything. Isn’t that wonderful news they are telling we the people and the President right up front they will never do what he asked them to do and they will only do what they want to do. Aren’t they supposed to work with the President because he is their Boss? And that goes for Sessions and the Republican leaders and their followers. McConnell who he thinks he knows what the Country needs better then President Trump. But they all cooperated fully with Obama in the destruction of the United States of America and cooperated with the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party in trying to get open borders the Invasion of all the Illegal Mexican Aliens they are not immigrants they are criminals that broke into this Country Illegally with the help of every Republican Traitor like McConnell, McCain Graham and others, Boehnor cooperated with Obama from day one. But they won’t cooperate with our President, the peoples President President Trump. Sally Yates acting attorney general refused to enforce President trumps Middle East travel ban. This information comes from Judaical Watch. She is hailed as a hero. Yates actually broke the law by doing what she did, a sworn Obama person and part of the Deep  state to wreck president trump and our country for Obama. .

Does McConnell stick up for President Trump they way he and the Traitor republicans did? No McConnell and the all the Rats fight President Trump. And when you see pictures of McConnell and Schumer walking and talking together and smiling at each other they are plotting how to destroy President Trump and our country. They our are our true enemy of we the people and our country. But they all helped Obama destroy our Country 120% of the time amend never even attempted to stop Obama or Hillary Clinton from dealing and supplying the Muslim Terrorist with money guns and training and selling our Uranium to Russia and they all. Giving Iran Trillions of dollars and the technological and help to make a Nuclear Bomb like we we did for North Korea. So we can be attacked from two parts of the world at the same time. Giving away or selling our secrets to our enemies for millions of dollars and committing Treason. Notice that all our enemies Russia, China and others have the same ship’s, planes and weapons we do. Including the Abrams tank. The Republican greedy cowards cooperated with Obama in borrowing ten Trillion dollars from our enemy China and where did the money go? Look around the USA. See any improvement? no! they all got their share of the money and the rest went to all the Muslims and the Illegal l Mexicans Aliens and DACA Gang Bangers. And all the Negros on the Government dole. to make sure our enemies the Republican run by McConnelll ans Schumer  and the Congress run by Nancy D’Alasndro a Mexican Pelosi and Ryan all working together against President Trump to destroy the USA. And Nancy D’Alasndro Pelosi confirming that the Nazi communist Demo-rat Party want to make sure that they destroy the White Race in favor of Mulatto’s and other mixed races to destroy our Country, but no White people. I don’t see D’Alsandro Pelosi’s children marrying a Negro that she says her Grandson wants to be. All her children and married to White people. And the deconstruction of the White Race came from John F. Kennedy on National TV, When he said”I think the United States should one big mix. for us but not the super rich Politicians or the rich people. us.

And every Republican and Nazi Communist Demo-rat Cooperated with Obama but they will stab President in the back and we the people for their Deep State Ideas for us  but not for them because they are guarded 24/7 by body guards with the best automatic weapons that the Government gave them to protect the Rats but not we the people. The Republican and Super rich Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party don’t have to live with these criminals we do, they live behind 20 foot walls that are guarded against the same people they want to come here and destroy everything. And that is OK for us not them. They are above the laws and above we the scum of the earth for not wanting our country changed into a Third world Murdering people country with no laws but the savage laws of the human Jungle like Africa and every shit  hole third country where millions of people are murdered every year  by tier own War Lords. Who will run our Country then the MS13 killers who are Galilee Mexicans Aliens and DACA people. How about the Muslims that Obama and our Senators and Congressmen funds the training  and weapons Camps where the Muslims are trained in Urban war fare against we the White People and Christians. All of our Senators and Congressmen cooperated with Obama to just this. And they were going to tru them loose on we the people once Hillary Clinton and the Republican Traitor and the Nazi Communist Party under Hillary Clinton took away our guess to defend our selves with they protect the criminals.

The best thing that has happened to the Unite States of america since Wilson was President trump which we have to back 120% I do! Vote out all these Rats that have e=been in office more then two terms! Always have ao