Another Dog and Pony Show doesn’t mean a thing

While watching the phony Senate hearing on how we are failing to be able to defend ourselves because of the National Debt, Muslim Countries helping all the Terrorists. North Korea is going to attack us and the Middle East is torn apart. The Russians and Chinese  threatening the World and the USA.

And all these countries have the exact same military equipment we have. Tanks Planes and ships and the Intel to along with it so we, the USA don’t have the advantage over anyone if it came to defending our Country against anyone who would attack us. Every Country that we gladly give billions of dollars too and Technology too China Pakistan, All the Middle East Muslims countries and the UN Nations. Obama and Clinton gave all these countries the same equipment we have to make sure we don’t have a chance to win if we are attacked by a country or Countries. Obama couldn’t do any of this with the Senate and the Congress giving him the OK. Big money to cut up between themselves

These same phony Senators who are running this show and Burr is a confirmed Rhino who is against everything President Trump wants to do   is the head of this committee and are the same people, everyone of them who helped Obama destroy not only the United States of America but the whole World by giving them money  arms training and all the secrets of our Country to all our enemies for money to put in his pocket and share some of the money with the rest of these Traitors who do not work for the USA but work with and for the enemy, themselves and never for we the people or our Country.

Remember when Obama had one of our latest Drones land in one piece in Iran so they could copy it and now they have the same Drones we have and Iran can use them to kill our Soldiers. Obama couldn’t do that if he didn’t have the full cooperation of the Senate and the Congress. Bill Clinton gave North Korea two Nuclear Reactors and 5 Billion Dollars to North Korea and the technology   to build Nuclear weapons to use against us. A Nazi Communist Demo-rat working for himself to become super rich, because I would like to see his “Kick Back” from North Korea, which was more them likely 70/30 with Clinton getting 70% of the 5 billion dollars. Now we are threatened by North Korea and the Fake News Media sucks up to North Korea. And does not defend the USA. But who owns the News Media, the New York Times is owned by a billionaire Mexican and the other news out lets are owned by Murdoch. Bloomberg hates the United States of America but he is so super rich nothing can touch him.

Bottom Line for the Senate hearing is it is all for nothing because these are the same people who helped Obama destroy our Country and the World will never do anything to benefit the USA.How can we Americans stay safe? Keep our guns and our bibles and vote our every Senator and Congressmen who has served more then two terms out of office.. We the people will have to keep our selves safe, from all the enemies Foreign and domestic. Illegal Mexican Aliens our own Government which is our true enemy and the enemy of the World.

In one part it was said that we cannot sustain  the National Debt that is over 20 trillion Dollars. Well the Cloward/Piven papers on how to destroy our Country was followed to the letter by Obama, again with the full cooperation of the Senate and the Congress. What the  Cloward/Piven basically says is “Over Load the System with Debt and bring in millions of people, none White, that the Government will support and this will destroy our Country. Also destroy the Christian Religions, educate the children to be against the USA. Favor a two language  where Spanish is preferred over English, be able to belong to another country while a citizen of the United States. Make sure that the Races never get together and hate one another, Racism. this is all caused by our Senators and Congressmen our enemy our own Government!!!