Where are all the Indictments against all the People covering up for Clinton

Where are all the indictments for everyone who committed  a felony  against President Trump and the United States? Hillary Clinton, Obama and his whole Administration. All the FBI people staring with Comey. And why hasn’t Wary resigned over his pal McCabe resigning. Wary said he would quite the FBI, if that happened. He’s still there.

Well Sessions will never indite anyone. Those are all his friends and the Nazi Communist Demo-rat Party is the chosen Party to destroy the United States of America with the Russian Controlling our Government and the News Media.

Sessions will protect everyone of them no matter what they have done and no one will go to jail for their crimes against the USA and President Trump. Wray is still with the FBI because he was told by the Nazi Demo-rat Party he has to stay there in the FBI to cover up for everybody.

Our enemy our Government at work. Notice how the Fake Controlled News Media is keeping quiet about Hillary Clinton, Obama and the rest of the Deep State Traitors. Wassermann Schultz never was indited for her part in helping her Muslim boy friend steal a few million dollars form our country with her help. Donna Brazil  was never indited for giving Hillary Clinton, rigging the election giving  all the questions to Clinton  ahead of time, and  Trump were going to be asked in the Presidential Debates.

Oh Humm, even Sessions is Part of the Deep State Traitors his job, protect all the crooked Politicians because he is just as crooked as the rest our  enemies the Federal Government. Get rid of Sessions and put in some one who is not with the Politicians an outsider with no friends in the Senate or the Congress, then you can indite them all. You need some one like me who hate all these crooked Rats destroying our Country.

Stop protecting them, they never protect we the people.