Elizabeth Warren, “Pocahontas”

Warren, Pocahontas is a lieing scum bad Nazi Socialist /Communist Demo-rat. She is not 32nd Indian. she refuses to do a DNA means she lied to get everything free all her rotten life. If she really had any Indian blood in her scum bag veins she would take the DNA test. But she is no more an Indian then she is a Russian. All she is there for in the Senate is to fight very thing that President Trump wants to do for the United States. But she like all the Senators and the Congressmen did everything that Obama wanted to destroy our Country

All these  Senators and Congressmen are Rats. they had some Senator on from California and he said that the Senate is not going to pass tariff taxes that President Trump wants to put on Steel and aluminum that is imported into our County. So we make money and the same way these countries charge us a tax  on anything that we export. The resewn that our Senators will stop President Trump from doing the Tariff tax is because they are bought and paid for by every country in the world to screw us out of our money but these Senators like Warren keep getting million of dollars from them. But What ever Obama did was great and Obama got everything he wanted  with the help of these same people that want to stop Trump, These same Rats did everything they could to help Obama wreck our economy  and our country while making foreign countries rich off of our money.

I can’t stand to watch these Traitors live on Fox telling we the people that they are going to give we the people and our country the shaft in favor of Foreign Countries. They still haven’t changed they still work for other Countries and never for we the people and the United States of America. Our Enemy our Sitting Senators and Congressmen doing every thing they can to wreck our country.