New York Mayor take cops out of all the schools.

deBlasio is one real Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat.Not only does deBlasio have a Sanctuary City that protects all the Illegal Mexican Aliens and other Alien Latinos who were all let loose from the persons in their Country to here to the USA and  commit more crimes and they know that they are the chosen people of the Demo-rats and Traitor Republicans and they will get away with any and all crimes they commit. Like the Illegal Mexican A;lien in Denver Colorado  who killed some girl there and the cops let him go scott free,. Nice we have great laws that allow illegal Mexican aliens and any Illegal alien as long as they are not white they can commit any crime they want. What a great country they broke into. They get everything free and never have to answer for any crime they commit and if they do go to trial they get pronounced “Not Guilty. especially in Sanctuary Cities run by the Nazi Demo-rats  like New York where deBlasio took out every uniformed Policeman from every school the have in New York City and left all the children unprotected. Brilliant move to get rid of the second Amendment. deBlasio  wants every one to know that he, the Mayor of New York doesn’t have to follow the rule of law or the federal government and he doesn’t have to protect innocent children from being murdered in N.Y. city. de blaso wants to prove that he and he alone can have more innocent children murdered in his schools  then they had in Florida by a Cruz a Hispanic.

The people of New York City deserve deBlasio they voted for this goof noisy live with it because he just made your children vulnerable to some deBlasio will find a killer and arm and tell them what school they should got to, preferable all White or 75% White and kill these innocent children. because they are all over social media telling every body that they are going to murder some one or a lot of people. including school kids. Better school kids that should get killed, that makes the people more angry and want the guns taken away, in what school, deblasio wants that to happen other wise why did he take all the policemen out of all the schools. and arm and tell them what school they should got to, preferable all White or 75% White and kill these innocent children.

These plans that the Nazi Demo-rat think up to get rid of the 2nd Amendment will never stop the killings and crime they will increase more. You have to ban and lock up the criminals and the Psychopath killers and they are out there just waiting for a goof like deBlasio to open his schools and mark these children for death. New York don’t forget always vote of a Nazi DEemo-rat and watch the bodies pill up in your city.