Nancy D’Alsandro Pelosi promises she will destroy the tax cuts, and raise taxes!!!


The Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat Party , lead by Nancy D”Alsandor ( a Mexican) Pelosi the tax queen of the 20th and 21st century promises us that when the Communist Demo-rat Party win all the majority of the Congress they are going to take away all the tax cuts that President trump ion to help we the people and then after that raise our taxes higher and tax the rich. They are the rich but Pelosi and her crooked Demo-rat Party pay no taxes like we have to. if they pay a thousand dollars a year that is a lot of money for them. but they want to take the food off our table and make us poor while the Communist Demo-rat Party congressmen and Senators get more rich. A voite for the Coimmuniwst Demo-rat Party who take their oprders right form Communism USA and right out of the Commuinist Manifesto want all of us never tom have any money to support our seklves with or enjoy life. Only thet the Rulkers of our Country are allowed to live and have tons of money for themselves but we the people should go with out everything so they can support all the Illegal Mexican Aline’s the Muslims who don’t work and the Negros that have been on Government welfare all their lives and never worked or payed taxes and they all get everything free. And the Communist Demo-rat Party never is for we the people or our Country they are always for other Countries and never for the people of this country especially the White people. I can’t understand the fools in the Sate of Pennsylvania wanting to vote for a Demo-rat who will take away President Trumps tax cuts and raise the taxes so we are all poor.