Romney is a phony Rat Progressive

Romney and the Bilderberg who he and that other Rhino Rat Marco Rubio who they own, Romney thinks that he is a shoe in as a phony Republican, who gave away the election to Obama because he was told to by his handlers who are Nazi Progress/ Communists Demo-rats and the Biildeberg Group. you want to find the real interference in our elections look to the Bilderbegr Group.

So it looks like in Utah, Romney has some competition running against him. Who do these people like Romney think they are? Their egos so big that make them think that the people want them? Give me a brake the only reason Romney is running  to get that Senate seat is to go with the rest of the Rat Rhino’s in the Republican Party and go along with the Demo-rats against President Trump.

The only reason he wants that Senate seat  is to get back at President Trump. Remember Romney is for the Paris accord that would cost us millions of dollars. Romney is no different then Schmer and Nancy D’Alasandro (Mexican) Peolis and Rubio another phony Candidate that is the exact clone of Obama, and is sponsored  by the  Rockefeller Bilderberg Cabal to over throw the World and make it into a world for the Super rich only! The main target to destroy the world is the USA. Obama was and is also set up by the Bilderberg and and it was a Nazi Socialist/ Communist Senator, Dianne Feinstein that brought Hillary Clinton and Obama to her house in California and told Hillary Clinton to step down from running for the Presidency in 2008 in order for Obama to win. Hillary Clinton and Feinstein then bought got on their knees and kissed Obama’s crotch. The Nazi Socialistic/Communist Demo-rat Party’s new gods to destroy the USA.

Romney is a total Nazi Demo-art and not a Republican nor is Marco Rubio another “Manchurian Candidate” Who is exactly like Obama in every way there is to be like Obama.