The Shoe in

All the Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rats thought Hillary Clinton was a “Shoe In”. That is way they all broke the law trying to fix the election for Hillary Clinton. That is why all the FBI people and including Muller is somewhere in that group just like the Converted Muslim, Brennen,. Susan Rice, Samantha Power and her husband everyone of Obama Regime and Obama himself. Tried to destroy President Trump and they still are.  Now you can include McConnell and all the republican Traitor Rhinos in the Senate and in Congress, it is Paul Ryan and his bunch of Rats. Don’t forget that crying drunk Bohener who sold us out and made every Republican Congressmen cooperate with and for Obama and not we the people. These people don’t care about us  or our Country they care about them selves and their “Bipartisan” Dogma which is exactly like the Nazi Progressive Demo-rat Party. Destroy the White Race, open borders no Constitution, no Guns no freedom. It is our guns that we are able to be free.

All these criminals thought that when Hillary Clinton got in their crimes would never come out so we the people to see what these Rats really are, Greedy Traitors to our Country and we the people. Our Country would be gone and everything that our country is would be gone with the help of the FBI and the IRS and all the People in Washington that run our Government. WE would no longer be here, if Hillary Clinton a 1960’s hater of the United States of America.

And our enemies, the Traitor Republicans and the Nazi Demo-rats and Muller are still working to destroy President Trump. President Trump should destroy Muller. President Trump should fire Session and his #2 guy. President Trump should bring in his own people to investigate McConnell. Ryan and everyone who is against him and bring them to justice and jail because they are all dirty and have a lot to hide so they don’t go to jail.

80 % of all the Senators and Congress on both side s would end up in prison.

Keep your guns and be ready for the civil war that is coming soon because of these dishonest Senators and Congressmen. Our Enemy, our own Government. Run by the Greatest Traitor of all time Obama. Notice how quiet Obama’s been. Investigate Obama with his connections with Russia and Hillary Clinton with her and her husband’s connections with Russia. They are the ones who cooperated with Russia for money Not President Trump the Demo-rat Party are all Russians agents. Never vote for a Demo-Rat monster, or a Traitor Republican  Rhino like Rubio