Tell “D.C” to Stop the Expansion of Terror Tied Companies in the US

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Another deal of Bill Clinton selling us out to the Terrorist:  Traitor, no Politician ever thinks of the United States of America or we the people they work for themselves and never we the people or our Country.

Tell “D.C” to Stop the Expansion of Terror Tied Companies in the US

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Last week, Delaware Chapter President, Dave Bailey, made a startling discovery. He discovered, Gulftainer, a privately-owned UAE-based port operator, is in the process of obtaining a 50 year agreement with the state of Delaware to operate and develop one of the most strategically located marine ports in America, the Port of Wilmington!

Approved last week by the Wilmington Port Controllers, the terms of this agreement already has the sanction of Governor Carney because of the promised $13 million paid annually into the state coffers and promised jobs for the state’s residents.  Additionally, Gulftainer has promised to build a new container shipping facility. The next step is a review by Diamond State Port Corporation and the Delaware General Assembly (scheduled for May).

More money for the state of Delaware, more jobs, what could be wrong with this deal?

Everything!  Starting with the Gulftainer Group, itself.   

Gulftainer, a subsidiary of Crescent Enterprises, and Crescent Group are all privately held, with ownership concealed[1] . A world-wide container shipping company, Gulftainer currently operates in 15 ports including the Port of Canaveral in Florida.

Port Canaveral  became a Gulftainer operated port in 2015 after a cozy years-long relationship between ex-President Bill Clinton and Crescent Group Vice-Chairman Majid Jafar (and a generous donation to the Clinton Foundation).(2) Amazing coincidence? (WikiLeaks Email Ties Apparent Clinton Pay-To-Play to Port Canaveral Deal with Family of Saddam Hussein’s Nuclear Mastermind)

If that is not enough of a concern add this fact exposed by Mr. Jones and Ms. Fanning in their paper, entitled, “What Could Possibly Go Wrong?”:

The family of Iraqi nuclear physicist Dr. Jafar Dhia Jafar, considered to be “the father of Iraq’s nuclear weapons program,” has been awarded a 35-year lease for cargo container operations at Port Canaveral, Florida.

With Port Canaveral under its belt and Port of Wilmington, almost complete, it appears that 42 other ports in the US are in Gulftainer’s sights.  It begs the question, is Gulftainer incrementally recreating the Dubai Ports deal by targeting ports in succession?  Could “they” be trying to avoid the spotlight and the push back of 2006?

While Arabian Business touts the Port Wilmington as a “done deal” it is not the “done deal” implied.

It turns out that  the state MUST get federal approval for the deal, where in a Trump administration,  security issues are expected to be considered. (The reason the federal government approved the Port Canaveral deal is only because the Obama Administration, with the aid of the Clintons, waived the required national security vetting!) That being said, there is still the danger.  The danger is that the Port Canaveral deal might be used as a precedent to approve the Port of Wilmington.

Our job, is to make sure that Gulftainer is “contained”.  As good as this deal appears to Delaware, it must be stopped.  It is up to us to wake up our friends and representatives in Congress, as well as the state legislators of sea coast states,  to the national security risks presented and make sure that the Trump Administration does a proper vetting.

President Trump is as close to a National Security President as we’ve had in decades. We, his supporters, should hold his administration’s feet to the fire on this issue.

Take action now! Click below to send an email to our President and to your representatives asking them to be vigilant, educated and to stop the threat to our national security represented by efforts of Gulftainer and Crescent Group.  

 Silence, is not an option.

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