Obama’s Secret Empire

Obama was a Magician, what he did with his right hand no one could see what he was doing with his left hand.While he played the role of an upstanding ecologist and wanted to stop the fossil flues form polluting the air and coned the people who believed him. I never believed Obama in any thing he said or did. Obama was put here to destroy the United States of America  financially and with the invasion of millions of Illegal Aliens and Muslims into this country which he did. Borrow trillions of dollars which he stole and split among  all the Senators and Congressmen to keep their mouths shut while he built his private Empire for himself using his number one friend Marty Nesbitt, and his closet friends from Chicago.His own gang of crooks.

This is what Obama did to make billions of dollars on the side using Marty Nesbett as one o f his Prince-lings. First Obama found through the Department of Education what schools were for profit.   This is from the Book Secret Empires which i say buy and learn what really true Traitors, liars, thieves and Rats Obama and every Nazi Demo-rat and Republican Traitors that they are.  Obama did his dirty greedy work with “smash and Grab” Tactics. Obama would regulate, and tax them so that thousand s of people lost their jobs, and by his orders these fro profit schools like DeVry. Obama’s guy Nesbett owns all these schools for profit. Tons of money go into Obama’s Foundation. The stock would to say from $60.00 a share to $6.00 a share it was then that his Number one friend and companion Marty Nesbett with a company he created with Penny Priitzker. A super rich heir to the Hyatt Hotels who backed Obama with millions of dollars. They took over the parking garages , 40 or 50 in and near the Chicago loop. And they made millions of dollars  for Obama. Before he was President.

When Obama became President he brought Marty Nesbett with to the White House. Nesbett created a private investment firm called Vistria. Nesbitt would pick up the private schools that Obama targeted and destroyed whir regulations and taxes. Nesbitt would buy them up. Soon after that.

This what Obama did to create his own Secret Empire. Obama by himself and the Bureaucracies and the IRS and the Senators and Congressmen worked with him. Regulated the coal and oil industries to the phony where the coal Companies shut down and the oil industry were no longer allowed to use our oceans to get oil, and no ,licences were giving out to explore for oil and gas. That drove the stock market prices down, where Obama, all the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party and the Traitor Republicans and George Soros and Obama’s rich friends were able to buy up the energy stock on the stock market for pennies on the dollar and they would become more rich while Obama and his gang of thieves broke the economy and helped Destroy our Country. All for money and the destruction of our country, Who pay for all of this we do. Who gets rich because of Obama’s dealings and wrecking our country? Obama and all his friends and the Demo-rats get more rich. That is why they don’t want President Trump as President. And who really get stabbed in the back because of that Traitor Obama. We the people do because we  pay through the nose for everything and get no benefit from any thing that our Senators and Congressmen do. They get all the benefits and all the Illegal Mexicans and Aliens and Muslims get everything we get nothing. Especially the White people. You have to buy and read Secret Empires one of the greatest books that expose the scum that run our country. It is unbelievable what they get away with while we watch our country being destroyer because  they are owned by Foreign countries. And don’t care what happens to we the people or our Country. They are safe behind their billions of dollars, the all stole with the heple of Obama. Making corruption the policy of our Senators and Congressmen. And Obama and his friends. Look at Susan Rice, she is worth 50 millions dollars, she came to the Black House with Obama poor and walks our super rich. What are we the White working class? Dummies that work for our own destruction.