Kanye West is Right

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Kanye west is right when he tells the Black people that are have chosen to be slaves to the Nazi Demo-rat Party. They preach hate the White man, in their churches and every one of the Black Senators and Congressmen and women like Maxine Waters and others preach Racism against the White people. But they chose to be slaves again in our modern time because of the Money the Demo-rats gave them when Johnson passed his civil rights law and said, This is from a Nazi Demo-rat President, quote” We will have have Nigger vote for the next two hundred years” .

Who destroyed the Negro family structure? the Nazi Demo-rat Party. Prior to this destruction of the Negro family¬† there weren’t as many Negro criminals as there is now. The Nazi Demo-rats knew new exactly what they were doing and didn’t care what happened to to Negro families and the children. They just pumped money into that persuasion by the billions¬† they didn’t care that they changed the Negro family with a father figure to protect his children, the Nazi Demo-rat party created a Matriarch society.Where women were paid for having children out of wed lock for Government money and they didn’t have to work.

They became the chosen people or the new modern slave to the Nazi Demo-rat Party. And to this day they can’t and they won’t think out of the Black minded box. Who really benefits from this thinking. The Nazi Demo-rat Party who have done noting for the Negro except use them like their salves which they chose to be. Even their Leaders like Jesse Jackson, who preaches Racism is super rich and does nothing to help his own people. He just collects money by the bushel full and lives the high life while the Negro in the Neighborhoods are killing each other and life is extremely cheap to them. So do all their Congressmen and Senators. All Racists, all slave recruiters and drivers. making 21st century slaves of their own people because they will not allow them to think different the they do. Which is wrong and it is time for the Negros to wake up and see what the Nazi Demo-rat Party has done to them. They didn’t free them, they were already free. but they destroyed them. Start thinking for your self.