Nancy D’Alasandro (Mexican) Pelosi loves the MS 13 lillers

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You have to understand that Nancy D’Alasandro is a Mexican first last and always, Pelosi. She is also Gorbachev’s Communist useful Idiot. What nice people the Latino’s are to raise their children to become MS 13 gang members killers and everything that is inhuman. Just like the Latin Kings which Louis Gutierrez, the Congressmen from Chicago is a big time leader in that Gang that control the Humboldt Park area, a good killing ground. It is an insult to real animals to be put in the category of the MS 13 Gangs that are all through the USA. They are more like savage beast of the lowest life of humanity.

We also have to Remember that Nancy D’Alsandro  Pelosi  and the Nazi Demo-rat Party love the criminals over we the people of the country.  And they pass laws to protect them not us. They are true killers in fact they have to kill some one to be in the MS 13 gangs.

I have written a few articles about how the Nazi Socialist/ Communist Demo-rat Party and the Rhino Traitor Republicans want the Gangs to control all the streets in all the cities and Islam, next to the Demo-rat Party to be the religion we have to belong too, or get your head chopped off. So far the only thing that saves us is that over 80 million of we people  own and know how to use a gun when the time comes. When the Nazi Demo-rat Party, still run by Obama take away our guns. We can never let the Nazi Demo-rat Party come to power again. They want to destroy our country raise our taxes take away jobs and level the playing field that we are all poor and starving and the MS 13 Gangs, The Latin Kings and all the Black Gangs control the streets and we the people.

Never Vote for a demo-rat they want to impeach our President President Trump.

And who are the real killers of people? All the Latinos, Negros and Muslims. Not including our enemy our Senators and Congressmen and all the past Presidents. Donald Trump is the only stand up President we have in two centuries! He is for our country and we the people. Not like the Demo-rat bullies with loud mouths who are really cowards with no guts are always for anyone and n anything that will destroy our country.

Keep your guns and rifles ready to go at anytime.