Proof the Police can’t save you from a killer!!!

Thursday 6/28/18 was proof again that the Police, the Government Police or any other Police organization cannot save you from a killer but yourself. And the way to save your self and your family is to carry a concealed pistol and be ready to use it.

If those people in that news paper, Maryland  had a gun they could have killed their attacker. But these cowards know that no one carries a pistol and that is why they can kill children and adults anytime they want because the people  are un-armed. The Journalists can’t blame Trump for these Killings because it is the Journalists who push no guns for the people and it is OK for the bad guys to have a gun.

We live in times worse then  times were in the Middle 1800’s because of Obama and the Nazi Demo-Rat Party  passes laws to protect the criminals and not the people. The government, 99% Nazi Socialist/ Communists Demo-rat Party, wants to destroy our second Amendment and really leave us helpless against an assault on our persons. From the bad guys and our own Government. Remember the Second Amendment was written to protect us from our own Government, not from each other. But before Obama and Hillary Clinton came along we were petty  safe in our country.  The Bush Family began bring in the Muslims and they started planting bombs on our airplanes and now we have to go through all kind of check ups on our bodies and our luggage. And Obama started another invasion of Muslims into our country,  Obama and Brennan the CIA director Obama appointed is a Muslim and started Muslim Training Camps all over our country that are training in Urban Warfare against us. Then Obama brought in the Illegal Alien Mexicans and the rest of their criminals from south of Mexico to come here. The MS 13 Gangs and other criminals who were in their prisons and mental institutions. When the criminals are put in jail in Mexico their families go with them. Then we have our own “Nut Cases” and I bet that this killer was telling people on social media that he was going to kill these people.

The Fake News Media is blaming President Trump for these killings they should blame them selves because they are all against the 2nd Amendment. President Trump didn’t have anything to do with the Killings. The Fake News playing the “Blame Game” to take away our right to own a Pistol.

When people know you have and every one else carries a pistol every one is friendly, and it is not likely you or your family will be attacked. Protect your self against the MS 13 gangs and all the other Gangs the Negro Gangs and the Puertorican Gangs and people like that guy that killed all those reporters yesterday. Remember the Police come in only after people are murdered, not before! Carry a pistol.