More Fake News against President Trump, from Venezuala

The Fake News media and Fox eagerly took up the sword against the USA and President Trump because the President was attacked by a couple drowns that had two pounds of explosives in them and they, the Venisulains, were able to steer them away from the Socialist president of Venezuela. This goof blames the USA and Columbia for attacking him. Give me a break, if the USA wanted to kill this Goof with a couple drowns they would have high powered rockets on them and when they fired at the Venisuwala President they would have killed him and everybody that was with him.

The Venezuelan  President and his Socialist Government shot off their own drones to try and make it look like the free world wanted to kill him. I guess he needs some publicity that the people should feel sorry for him. Even though he is killing his own people through starvation and other things like no medical attention only a few of these Politicians remain rich and what do they care if people die, that’s the way it is in socialism. Like the Obama’s and the Clintons and all the Demoi-rats and Traitor Republicans, they don’t care what happens to we the people or our Country. They already sold us out to China, Soros and every country the could give their children a deal that would net them, Senators and Congressmen. Kerry and Bidens kids run a multi-billion dollar operation with China, Russia, and Ukraine and other countries and when they need the influence of the USA, senators, Congressmen, and V.presidents, dad is right there making the deals for these foreign countries, they make money hand over fist while committing Treason. Don’t forget they never go to jail for any crime they commit against our Country, that includes Treason and Murder and any other crime they commit.