Someone let Obama out of his padded cell

For 8 years the Magic Negro Obama did everything he could to destroy our economy and our country. Obama made deals with Mexico and Canada how to destroy our country with the invasion of Muslims and Illegal Aliens from Mexico and south of their border and  Mexico help the Illegals that were let out of insane asylums and prisons get to this country. Obama works with and for the Mexican Drug Cartels to bring in all the dope they wanted as long as he got his cut of the money. Obama and Eric Holder did a gun-running operation to help the Mexican drug cartels by buying ing guns from us. To try and stop the 2nd Amendment and take away all our guns. How about when Obama went to the UN and started that deals were the UN could take away our guns.

Obama had our dollar devalued, Obama and the Senators and Congressmen stole Trillions of dollars that Obam borrowed from China. Obama had the banks give no interest to our money in the bank accounts, Obama turned the ecologists loose to destroy everything, Farmers and oil, and coal companies and anything they wanted to do to stop the growth of our country. Then Obama had al,kl; the oil rigs moved out from the Gulf and they went to South America, who did that hurt/ Our country and we the people. And Obama and every Senator and Congressmen sucked up to this Traitor because they were all stealing money hand over fist and let this Rat get away with murder. No one that we voted for lifted a finger to stop Obam from destroying our country. Why should they are super rich because of Obama. Because where did that 15b0r 20 trillion dollars go? Into their pockets. The money that Obama borrowed would take care of Medicare for the next 2 hundred years.

Obama raised our taxes and Obama and all the Buracraseis did everything in their power to kill jobs in our country. they Raised corporate Taxes so high that companies had to move from the USA to Foreign Countries.

Instead, of we the American people moving forward into the 21st century we were going backward into Socialism/Communism and slavery  Who did Obama hurt when he and the Senators and Congressmen passed laws for the banks to stop giving interest on your money. Me and you that who this Rat hurt.

Does Anyone remember when Obama shut down all the car dealers who didn’t donate thousands of dollars to him? Has everyone forgotten what a Traitor this guy is. Who do you think found all these nut bags who wanted to kill our school children so we would get rid of our guns Obama did it. Obama should be investigated for this and the CIA under Brennen and the FBI. We can never trust our Government nor the FBI or the CIA they are all, easily corrupted for money.

How about Benghazi where he and Hillary Clinton had Ambassador Stevens murdered. Obama knew everything that was going on who would be stealing money and that was fine with him all our Senators and Congressmen were in his pocket. They are all dirty.

How about Obama siding with the Muslim Terrorist against out Troops in the Middle East, that he set on fire with endless wars. who got hurt, our children that are in the Armed Forces. Do Obama or our Senators and Congressmen care? I don’t think they care about anything but themselves and the money they can steal.

Obama should go down in History as the biggest butcher in the world, by law Obama has killed mt=re babies in eight years-ars and after the then Hitler and Stalin put together. Something our country should be proud of, legalized murder of unborn children.

To wind this up Obama has never done anything for this country and we the people but destroy us and our Heritage  In my files I will dig up every piece of dirt I can find about the worst Traitor in the history of the USA. How can anyone listen to his bull shit about how did what Trump is doing. What a lying Traitor Rat Obama and the Socialistalest Demo-Rat Party are.