Waters wants someone to Kill President Trump

Maxine Waters is again telling people that someone should kill President Rump. President Trump better start taking these threats from people like Waters and the liberal movie Stars and forget about passing these threats off as nothing. They are something, it is threatening his life and his families life. President Trump should turn the Secret Service loose and arrest these people and bring them to trial and get them convicted and put in jail for inciting people to kill him.

Now if it was just regular people who said the wanted to kill President Trump the Secret Service would be down on them like Flys on Shit and these people would be in jail. President Trump quit taking bad advice from his political professional advisers who are afraid of people with money. They are also afraid of their own shadow. President Trump, you don’t need these kinds of advisers you make better decisions by your self you don’t need these guys. You have always been right when you made your own decisions about what you have done for this country and we the people..