Jon Scott of Fox, not fare and balanced news



This afternoon on Fox News Jon Scott, refused to broadcast all of Pres. Trump’s speech in Macon Georgia with thousands of people wanting to see him and hear him speak. There were so many people there to meet Pres. Trump in Macon Georgia they had to turn the buses back that were bringing more people to try and get to see him. Fox News with Jon Scott, to me, because the Republicans seem to be winning is turning his efforts to help the Demo-rats win now. Because Fox and Scott are going out of their way to shut the speech and not broadcast down. Would you believe that no other news station on TV broadcast Pres? Trump’s speech in Macon Georgia.

To me, President Trump’s speech didn’t mean anything.  Fox was more interested in making sure that everybody saw Obama speech and stayed on it all afternoon. And then Scott was more interested in interviewing never Trumper’s, Scott was only interested in the Fox news crap of fair and balanced broadcasting in interviewing the enemy of the public of the United States the Demo-rats and the people that dislike Trump and showing the parade of all the Ilegal Nicaraguans, Honduran, Pan-American that broke into Mexico through a flimsy fence that they had. And Mexico refuses to stop them from coming to the United States.

But John Scott and Fox News were never interested in broadcasting Pres. trumps speech for the Republican Party so the people would vote for Kemp to become the governor of the state of Georgia. Instead of telling the people of Georgia that she is radical Negro, burned American flags all the time, who hates white people, wants to destroy statues of white Southern heroes during the Civil War and raise taxes until you can’t pay and then the government and the state of Georgia will foreclose on you.

I am so happy that Fox has a fair and balanced agenda, but as long as president Trump is winning and it looks like the Republicans might start taking over the states it stopped the blue wave. Jon Scott a  is not interested anymore. All the news media, want is chaos, they want trouble, they are like the Demo-rats, they want open borders. They don’t want peace in this nation, they don’t want this nation to be profitable, they don’t want people like everybody else that works to have any money in their pockets and to become happy here in our country because they can own a car own a house put money in the bank send their children to good schools so their children could become better than what they are. But no not the news media they work, hand in glove with the enemy. The enemy of we the people of the United States along with the Demo-rats, congressmen and senators and traitor senators and congressmen from the Republican Party, along with their traitor leaders, Paul Ryan, and Mitch O’Connell.

All the other news stations on TV I see don’t have fair and balanced reporting they only have one reporting and that is the people that hate the United States of America, the people that hate president Trump, racists that hate white people, and want to kill all the white males naturally, killing all the females in and kill all the babies about that one that’s who they broadcast. The news media is no better than the Nazi socialist/communist Demo-rat party that wants to destroy every state in the union and our whole country so they can be the rulers of this hemisphere.


We the people should not stand for this. Boycott all the sponsors on all the stations and see how far they go. Stop buying newspapers that are fake news newspapers and are for our and are for only for Demo-rats and not our freedom. They are all for illegal aliens coming into this country destroying our sovereignty breaking our country financially so there will be no country where do these people think they are going to be when they have caused that to happen.


So we the people may have to take back our government very soon. If it means a Civil War that the Demo-rats in the fake news media is pushing for, like Nancy Pelosi says they’ll be collateral damage, so be it. But we must understand in the Civil War we have to get the people that caused the civil war first. The same people that want to destroy us. That Demo-rat Sen., the Demo-rat congressman, and the traitor Republicans who always side by side with the Demo-rats. A shame that this might have to happen for us to keep our freedom get rid of all the illegal aliens. Because if the shoe was on the other foot believe me they’d cut your heart in a second and wouldn’t think anything of it. All this humanitarian stuff that our country gives us is just a lot of bunk. Those countries that the illegal aliens are coming in from and the Muslim, don’t know what humanitarianism is. They don’t even know what a toilet. They all have diseases that we cured years and years ago.

And Obama, that traitor rat is trying to tell everybody he brought all the jobs back he did this and he did that. He did a lot of things but it wasn’t the bring jobs back it was the destroyed United States of America. The magic Negro god couldn’t get his disciple elected president, Hillary Clinton, who would carry on his work gladly selling this country out to everybody in the world, giving away everything w have, open borders trying to  destroy the population of the United States of America in favor of black and brown and nonwhite people and no white people accept for the elite white their superrich and the elite politicians who are superrich. Because all their careers, that’s all they did was steal money and get away with, never paid their taxes, create foundations the to laundered the money so they could hide all the millions and billions of dollars that they took and bribes to destroy our country from other foreign countries. Somewhere along the line the Bildeberg, created by David Rockefeller, of all superrich people superrich politicians are somewhere in the back of it to destroy the United States of America.

Who knows who controls all of this, we know who controls the Demo-rats, all I know is that our federal government and all Demo-rats in traitor Republican, are the enemy of we the people in that they are going to try and destroy us, especially the white people.