Why did this happen?

I can’t believe that the citizens of the United States of America have voted to give back to the Congress the Democratic Party the Nazi socialist communist demo red party. Run by Nancy Pelosi. Who is a communist, Gorbachev considered his useful idiot.

Well, the Democrats had a lot of help, from the fake news media, and believe it or not Fox news media fair and balanced garbage. The only two people on Fox that I think that are for Trump all the way, or three people, was Hannity, Ingram, and Tucker Carlson.

Also, what happened was 22 Rhino Republicans decided to quit this year which also helped the Demo-rat Party take control of the Congress. All the Demo-rat sanctuary cities and states voted for the Democrats naturally. Also, if you remember Joe Biden that drunken pig bragging on national television worldwide that he was so happy that the white people were not the majority in the United States anymore. Why because the Demo-rat Party brought into the United States of America by to train full everyone who was not white. And Obama started the invasion of all illegal aliens from Mexico, Nicaragua and Honduras and all points self into this country and the Muslims. None of these people work like all the Illegal alien Mexicans. The Demo-rats want open borders for these illegal aliens to get into this country. They also they also the Democratic Party help all these people who are illegal aliens and cannot vote in this country. They got the illegal aliens to vote. The Demo-rats stole the election of this year by making sure that illegal aliens vote for the Demo-rat party. Which under our laws they can not vote. But what do the Demo-rtas don’t care about our laws. Nothing. They want everybody to be slaves of the Demo-rat Party. They want crime, they want Chaos, they want to destroy our laws.


President trump worked as hart out to get a Republican government. But ignorance runs rampant United States of America. College teaches our children to hate America and love socialism. But in socialism why do you need an education there won’t be any jobs. Again, I am so disappointed in the population of the United States after all that we know that the Democrats are doing to destroy this country and our sovereignty and our people and give us higher taxes bring back Obama care which is no care are all which I call killer care. That this would happen after the hard work that only one-man alone president Donald Trump tried to save this country and the people stabbed our president in the back by voting for the rats that want to destroy us.


Now because the dummies of this country voted for the Democrat party you’re going to lose your job., And you going to pay higher taxes, and you going to get nothing. These people who we elect to not care what the Constitution says what we the people asked them to do, they do what they wanted to and not what you want to do because they don’t work for you. They work for the demo red party and what the demo red party once which is no sovereignty no borders crime in Islam.

So thank you, traitors, that voted the Democrats in to run the Congress. Also, I wanted to congratulate the racist Negroes who owe their souls to the Democrat party because the Democrat party pays the money. Voted for the Democrats. I also want to thank all the nonwhites and all the college students who don’t know anything about anything who voted for the Democrats. You are the ones that are going to destroy this country, our freedom, our sovereignty, our Christian religions in favor of Islam. Dummies of the United States of America I salute you.