Truer words hvae never been spoken.





True words have never been spoken. This is from a fictional book by David BALDACCI  called “the winner”. And here’s the quote that says everything about the corruption and corrupt politicians that run our country.…” Absolutely nothing was above corruption so long as the human beings were involved because, in truth, most people were not above the lure of the dollar or other material enticements, particularly when they worked around vast sums of money all day. They tend to believe that part of it was rightfully theirs anyway”.

In other words, our politicians don’t believe that we the people should mind if they steal all the money they want and take bribes and sell our country out because that’s their job. And they love giving away our money but they also get kickbacks from the people they give our money to especially these foreign countries that get billions and billions of dollars.

And besides, they can get away with money laundering, blackmail, murder, whatever it has to be, you name the crime are senators and congressmen and some of our ex-presidents like Obama can do everything they want, against we the people of the United States of America. They protect each other because they’re all thieves and rats. That’s why Sessions never wanted to indict anybody for any crime, or for anything else that broke the law.  They are all his friends and a cover for each other 24/7. Our government is very secretive. Most of the stuff that they have behind closed doors is so we the people can’t find out what true traitors and rats that they really are and what crimes they have really committed. There behind those doors in closed conferences to figure out how they can get away with the crimes that they committed and protect the political people that committed the crimes. And that’s because they don’t want we the people to know exactly what they’re doing to destroy this country.

Obama and his Negro and Muslim administration, along with the help of all the Senators and all the congressmen to cause the invasion of illegal Mexicans in the invasion of Moslems by the plane full.

I see the Hindus walking around our country they don’t want to become citizens because they haven’t shed the garb of their country. And we are not a multicultural culture society that the federal government wants us to be because they follow what England does and it’s still going it’s all to destroy the United States of America and every one of our corrupt bureaucracies, Senators, Congressman now, we have to be like England. Multiculturalism does not work in any country you are a citizen of that country or you are not. We the people are Americans, and we the people expect foreigners that come into this country to become like the United States of America. Not like their country they don’t like it get out

And it’s still going on. It’s all to destroy the United States of America. And every one of our corrupt bureaucracy, senators, congressmen are involved in it. Because they stand to become tyrants and super rich while making, we the American citizens their slaves. Especially the white people who they hate most of all. Again, you listen to Joe Biden that drunken pig when he said that he so happy that the white people are no longer a majority in the United States of America. Who was he for? He’s for the Illegal aliens, Mexicans, Honduran, Nicaraguan, and any diseased illegal aliens and Muslim that come into this country with diseases that we have cured and they’re bringing them back to spread them over our country and it’s okay for them to commit any crime they want in our country they just send them back so they could go back again commit the same crime murder thievery butchery whatever.. They are ignorant, they don’t want to learn to speak the language, they want us to speak Spanish to suit them. They’re not here to be citizens of the United States of America. They are here to steal all the money they can get from the government. Which is quite a lot. But we American citizens, especially the white working class, work like dogs support this government that doesn’t give two cents about our country, our people, only themselves and their agenda to destroy us.


Here’s proof, there’s an example of just four people, Negro, that were just elected to the Democrat party all racists. All ready to attack the white people for their own agenda. Antonio Delgado, in 2007 was a rapper and this is one of the lyrics from one of his songs that he sang. His songs are about America’s history of racial injustice they include frequent use of radical apathetic common among black rappers, and criticize some of the founders as dead presidents who believe in white supremacy. In those lyrics, he calls for white people to die.

The next Negro racist that was elected was Lauren Underwood. Lauren was appointed by Pres. Obama to serve as a senior advisor at the US Department of Health and Human Services. In her agenda is racism against the white people

Colin Allred, a black racist against the white people. In these people will naturally go out of their way to keep with the demo rat agenda of the destruction of the white race in the United States of America in favor of any people that are nonwhite that come into this country by the boatload. They want no borders, they want sanctuary cities and states, and they want no law. In a democratic government will protect all criminals against United States citizens especially white who defend themselves against any crimes against them by illegal aliens Muslems in these black racists. These illegal aliens Mexicans etc. etc. carry their own flag, and they burn the American flag, and they want to come into this country and just collect all the money they can get for free and were supposed to let them into this country so that they can do whatever they wanted to free. What is not free for the working class people we have to pay through the nose in taxes so that these rats senators and congressmen run this country like it was a charity for the world. But they don’t do anything for our country or for our citizens especially the white male. They hate the white male population