Nancy Pelosi’s first move is to destroy President Trump!!!

Proof that all you fools who voted for the demo-rat party are going to get it to stay stuck right up your gig. President Trump should destroy Nancy Pelosi, stop being soft on her and the Demo-rats. Destry them before they destroy you.

Nancy Pelosi is the only job in her life will be to try and get rid of our president, the only president in modern day history that has fought for the United States of America against Europe, the UN, and every other nation that’s against us. All these other nations want is our stupidity in our money. And that is what the Nazi socialist/communist demo-rat party is going to give back to the world.


Nancy Pelosi has sworn to destroy Pres. Trump his presidency and everything that Pres. Trump is accomplished to make our country better so that we can all make money and not just give it away to foreign countries like the Democrats want to do and do. Pres. Trump is blocking illegal Mexican aliens from coming into this country. Nancy Pelosi and her demo rat’s will open the doors for them to come into this country and help destroy us. I believe that most of the votes that got the Democrats in every state in this country was a product of every illegal Mexican aliens and nonwhite people who aren’t even registered to vote voted for all the Democrats. And nobody can ever change my mind. Because of this statement that that drunken pig ex-vice president Joe the Traitor Biden told the world couple years ago that he was so happy that the white people in the United States of America were no longer the majority of people here. Why because the demo rat’s open the doors for all nonwhite Mexican aliens and Muslims to come into our country and help destroy it. We can also can’t think the stupid children in college who believe in socialism in a free education and freezes in a free that in free everything. There is no such thing as free for any citizen of the United States of America, especially the white people. The only people that will get everything free is legal Mexican aliens and everyone who is non-white. 5060 people from India walk into this country and for free wind up owning motel and gas stations all over the South. The federal government gives them that money because of the first traitor to this country Jimmy Carter because his mother went to India and said what beautiful people, they were he passed laws for them that they could come into this country and get everything free. In the government subsidizes them so they are sure to make money plus. Our money, our tax dollars. When the Vietnamese got here after our country got over 50 or 60,000 of our children killed and mangled for nothing because they knew there would be no end to that war and they knew that we would not win because they didn’t want us to win. When these Vietnamese people got here and they told the government that they were fishermen, our government supplied them with million-dollar fishing boats for free and again to subsidize them so they can make money. But the white people down in the Gulf Coast who worked all their lives for their boats and their father’s boats, get nothing. That’s what the Democrats are. They want that vote so people like Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer cannot govern this country or even help this country they want to be tyrants and dictators, they want open borders and they want this hemisphere ruled by a regional government of ignorant people that will read out of a book whether you can be saved or not saved if you need an operation. Now if you are over the age of 35 to going to let you die and that’s a fact and that is Obama killer care. The demo-rats are not interested in saving our nation, they are only interested in socialism, open borders, and they are the superrich that will govern everybody. Their plan is like the days of old where we were ruled by kings and Dukes and princes. Now all the states as far as I can see will be cut in half by demo rat Senators. And all the counties below them in their parts of the state will be owned by demo rat Congressman. And we slaves will work our asses off for them while they get rich richer. They will take away our guns, they will try anyway guaranteed not going to get too many what might happen is they get a Civil War which I hope that we to a half million people are not afraid to take back our country and die for our Constitution and our freedom and our Bill of Rights. Before Nancy Pelosi’s Nazi socialist/communist demo-rat party continues the greatest traitor in the history of this country Barack Hussein Obama started to wreck this country. He was chosen by the “buideberg” the superrich people of the world to become president of this country so he could destroy it for them, the superrich people all run by David Rockefeller. Too bad he lived to be over 100 years old. And also, we can’t forget that other great president Bush and his New World order and his son who isn’t much better than he is in his New World order and that’s where we’re at right now and Nancy Pelosi is going to destroy our country she’s going to destroy our president along with that rat called Shift, his name should be shit that’s what his name should be. So, I salute all the dummies and dummy students and professors of hate and every stupid ass hole that voted for any Democrat. All the black Democrats are racists and they will not fight for this country they will not stand up for this country. They want complete autonomy from our laws just like the Muslims do so that they can commit all the murders they wanted to and all the crime they want and the Democrats love the criminals, they work with them and for them to destroy our country.

Nancy Pelosi is the worst person in the history of this country to ever hold power in the Congress and the jerks from California keep voting in her in while she’s robbing them blind. So people, white people it looks like we’re getting closer to a Civil War make sure you got enough ammo to make sure you know how to shoot now, when people come for us  are going to have done all kind of bulletproof clothes and stuff that stoppable but they won’t have their faces covered so practice how to shoot people in the head forget about the body because they have body armor. Buy more guns by more ammo and make sure you practice. And if we do go to Civil War the first place we have to march on his Washington DC and make sure there’s a lot of strong limbs on the cherry trees, to take the Democrat party on and let him hang there like ornaments, these people they want to destroy us in our country. We have to act in kind, they tipped their hand and told us they will destroy our President, we the people our Constitution and bill of rights and our country.

Nancy Pelosi’s first move as Speaker could mean the end of the Trump White House

Democrats are beginning to reveal their true agenda now that the election is over.

Liberals campaigned on open borders, gun control, and promised free handouts to millions of voters.

But Nancy Pelosi’s first move as Speaker has nothing to do with those issues and could mean the end of the Trump White House.

Democrats are doing everything in their power to impeach President Trump or at least set him up for defeat in 2020.

So they are launching 85 investigations into the Trump White House to obstruct everything he does.

Breitbart reports:

Democrats will waste little time in probing the Trump White House once they take power over the House of Representatives in January, according to Axios.

The outlet reports Democrats are considering launching at least 85 investigations into President Trump and high-ranking officials, including the firing of then-FBI Director James Comey and whether the president violated the Constitution’s emoluments clause. Further, Democrats will likely seek information on the administration’s family separation policy and relief efforts for Puerto Rico’s Hurricane Maria.

However, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), who is expected to become House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence chairman, claims Democrats aren’t going to launch the investigation and subpoenas all at once. Instead, lawmakers will prioritize which focus-areas are of utmost importance to them and then work there way down the long list. Schiff says Democrats will also probe President Trump’s urging of the postmaster general to hike Amazon’s shipping costs.

This has been their plan along.

The Democrats never intended to work with President Trump on any meaningful legislation.

Nancy Pelosi’s plan is to obstruct President Trump’s agenda and inflict as much political damage as she can using subpoenas.

Liberals have managed to keep the fake Russia collusion story in the news for over two years.

But Mueller’s witch hunt seems to be coming to a close, so Pelosi needs a new excuse to “investigate” Trump.

They think that the constant attacks and negative media coverage will rile up their mob-like base even more heading to 2020.