The Latest: Congressman says election lawsuit will proceed

The Demo-rats have perfected a way to steal elections and it has to with absentee ballots. If a Demo-rat is losing the race, they just have to keep writing absentee ballots until that have enough to win. They must have hundreds of people writing Absentee ballots at night so they can win. Which is against the law, but since the Demo-rats are in charge of our nation they can do whatever it takes Braking the law is one of them to win elections.T hey did it first in Minnesota for Al Frankin. I remember listing to the radio where it said that they kept finding Absentee ballots in trunks of cars and anywhere else you could think of. And nobody who had the authority in Government thought that was suspicious. And that how Franken got in. The Demo-rats stole and stuffed the ballot box. and no one investigated or stopped them.

In Georgia, Sorors and Bloomberg and the Demo-rat Party invested almost a million dollars so Balck Racists Women, who wants to take away the guns in that State and destroy a historic landmark of history because it reminds her of the Civil War and slavery, would win the races for Governor. And the Judges are giving her a chance to find all kind o absentee ballots to bet LKemp. in Flordia, they are doing the same thing. only this time the Republicans are helping the Demo-rats to win. I watched this Traitor Republican say on Fox that they would keep giving that Demo-rat who is charge of voting in Miami and all the time she needs to keep writing ballots that she claims were not counted until they have enough votes for Nelson to get in again.  And she is a Negro Racist Nazi Socialist/Communist Demo-rat.

When are the people, the White People, going start fighting for their own and fighting against these phony elections. That is how the Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party is going to beat President Trump in 2020. That is why Hillary Clinton is saying she will run again for President. The Nazi Demo-rat Party has it down pat how to win elections. No Judge in any district will stop Ballot stuffing after the winner has been declared, Republicans will win only if they are Rhinos who will help the Nazi Demo-rats destroy our country.

Whos fault is that? Our fault for not fighting for our candidates as the Nazi Socialists Demo-rats do!!! The Nazi Socialist Demo-rat Party will lie, cheat, and whatever it takes to win elections and destroy our Country, and we the White people sit on our fat asses and suck down beer and do dope. WE better stand up and fight for ourselves no one else will.





The Latest: Congressman says election lawsuit will proceed

 The Associated Press,Associated Press 2 hours 10 minutes ago
Democrat flips U.S. House seat in Maine’s new voting system

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