Pelosi and Schumer proved they don’t care about anybody but the Demo-rat Communist Party!

What Pres. Trump had to do today which is really good because the Democrat party will never go along with anything he wants that will save our nation bring back more jobs put more money in our pockets and less taxes and maybe even less government. Build our Wall.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the whole Democratic Party plus the traitor Republicans that work with the Democrats, have proved that they don’t care about the people that didn’t get paid for our how many weeks now because if they really cared about the people that the news media’s grousing about their pay and about how they didn’t get paid it’s because of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer Refused to cut a deal for the wall to protect our country against illegal aliens that don’t belong here in the first place and all they’re looking for is a vote and to break our country financially because we have to support these people.

Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer the whole Democratic Party don’t give two shits for the people of the United States whether they worked for the government or work outside the government, they only care about their communist socialist Democrat party, that want’s open borders everybody poor no citizen can have any money in his pocket they want to choke us to death with taxes, so that are so dependent on the government we would look like birds waiting to be fed.

That socialist and communist that is  Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer who is a socialist and wants socialism and communism, that’s what they all want, and who gets hurt. We the people. They all live behind 24Ft walls to protect them and their families and they have guards with sub-machine guns 24 seven that guard their families, but it’s okay if we the people we have to put up with this stuff and that the illegal aliens murder us,  that’s okay, they let them go send them back and then they can come back a couple months later and  kill more people rob more people they love they love them.Because the Demo-Rat Party helps the Illegal Aliens commit any crime they want.

That’s  to get their vote to stay in power, that’s a joke, that’s a joke because once the illegal Mexicans and Muslims and everybody that is nonwhite take over our government you could kiss this country goodbye there will be no Constitution there will be no Bill of Rights there no English spoken only Spanish will be spoken. And the new religion is going to be the religion of Obama and the Democrat party called Islam.

The Democrats love chaos they love criminals and they want the MS 13 games to rule the streets for them forget about police protection there will be no police and if they are, to be like the Gestapo.

These Democrats led by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, that rat traitor George Soros who owns all of them and is paid for them with our tax dollars that the Democrat party gives this guy 5 billion a year for nothing. But in reality Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, the whole Democratic Party in part of the Republican Party are our enemy and our traitors to our country because they refuse to see prosperity come to this country they refused to see our borders protected to keep these people out of our country who are dreaming this dry of our own money.

One of these days, I predict, it’s going to come to a Civil War brought on  by people like Nancy Pelosi(a true communist, who was Gorbachev’s useful idiots for many years) and Chuck Schumer who was a sworn socialist kind word for communist they don’t care about anything but themselves their super rich what they care about is making us all be poor and starving. Never give up your gun always be ready to march on Washington and make sure that we take out the right people who have gone against we the people who are our enemy and in fact the enemy the whole world. The Demo -Rat Communist Party.

I understand that the Harry Reid is dying well isn’t that tough shit he was a piece of garbage anyway too bad he didn’t die when he was in office be that Rat was gone.

So that should be a good lesson for everyone, you try to wreck this country, and you’re going to die and never see it wrecked in your life time, and will  not  benefit from it at all never,, because you’ll be dead as dogs.

These are true enemies, of our Constitution our Bill of Rights our freedom, and our right to live in peace and make money and take care of our families and do the best we can for our family’s.  but the Democrat party plus the government and all the bureaucracies don’t want to see that happen. They want we the people to be barefoot and pregnant with no hope of any kind of a life except what the government wants us to have which will be nothing. Remember they hate white people more than they hate anybody that’s why they want to mix the races so there won’t be no more white people, (who they hate) and they can control the black and brown people and everybody be a mixed race and there will be no white people accept the elite white Democrat racists. Our enemy and enemy of the world.