Where is Barr?

Pres. Trump appointed William Barr DOJ to take the place, of the demo rat plant Jeff sessions would never prosecute any politician.

The demo rat party just passed a law to have all illegal Mexicans aliens be able to vote in our elections. That is against the law, if you are not a citizen of the United States of America you cannot vote in any election.

Now where is the new head of the Department of Justice, William Barr, doing anything to stop illegal aliens from coming into this country, from voting, from prosecuting all the FBI agents and others in the demo rat party and especially Hillary Clinton the Russian spy the real Russian colluder with Russia. She sold us out to Russia. Everybody knows that, if all these FBI agents committed treason by trying to overthrow Pres. Trump including their leader Hillary Clinton and Jeff sessions.

I want to see Barr start indicting all of these people for treason breaking the law and everything else they did for the Democrat party and I want to see them go to jail. Or do we have another Jeff session, a professional lifetime politician who will not lift a finger to bring a demo rat, or a professional politician, to be indicted for their crimes. Finalizing the fact that if you are a demo rat, or a rhino Republican, you are above the law.

So where is William Barr to do his job, for the good of the United States of America. Why isn’t he investigating Cortez and her illegal operations as a congressman with the money and everything else that she does that’s illegal, where is Barr, to investigate the two Muslim women who have threatened Trump openly. Where is William Barr to investigate Nancy Pelosi and all her illegal actions as a Congresswoman all her life working with Russia and stealing money for her family hand over fist just like Dianne Feinstein. I want to see these people indicted! As a citizen of the United States and we the people who are the real government demand to see these people indicted for their crimes not next year not 10 years from now right, now we all know they’re guilty so indict him and put him in jail or resign your job