Another Crisis on The Way

Another crisis caused by the Democrats is on the way according to this article by the John Birch Society nine agree with the hundred and 20%. The Demo-rats and have finally found a way to destroy our sovereignty and give it away to Mexico and Canada. And it’s true NAFTA. The new deal USMCA will destroy our country. Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Obama himself, is ready to come back and rule through a regional government this hemisphere from Canada and the North Pole to South America and the South Pole.

I want to congratulate everyone a dove voted for the demo rats to help this happen to destroy our country. This new deal with Mexico and Canada will immediately take our way our first and second amendment rights. So keep your guns I think the Civil War is going to be here sooner did I think.

USMCA Passage: At What Cost?

Written by  Kristin Stockheimer Monday, 08 April 2019 16:47

USMCA Passage: At What Cost?

President Trump’s immigration reform has everyone holding their breath. From a campaign promise to build the wall, imposing new tariffs, and now threatening to close the border, uncertainty is looming. What is certain though is that the White House is aiming to have Congress swiftly approve the USMCA “trade deal” before the August recess. With some Democrat lawmakers flagging issues such as environmental standards, labor and enforcement rules, and more with pharmaceuticals, they are missing much larger threats with the USMCA that will directly affect your day-to-day life.The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement has been widely portrayed as an improved replacement for the NAFTA, yet it expands upon NAFTA and further deepens economic ties with Mexico and Canada. Originally politicians and lawmakers touted that NAFTA would increase economic growth and job creation. But we’ve seen the disaster it has caused! Now USMCA promoters are using similar tactics, without considering the ramifications. Here are two very important points to consider: 

  • If a country loses control over its economy, that country is no longer independent or able to make major political decisions by itself. 
  • A country can recover from a loss of jobs and a poor economy; however, it cannot recover from a loss of sovereignty.

The passage of the USMCA would certainly bring about a loss of sovereignty! Buried in the 2,325 pages of this new North American trade agreement is a Free Trade Commission, which surrenders well-fought-for independence and sovereignty to a regional governing bureaucracy. This trade commission ties U.S, Mexico, and Canada into a North American Union and compromises our sovereignty – as well as threatening the constitutional security for our rights to free speech, bear arms, practice religion, own property, fair trials, and much more! The U.S. Constitution protects our God-given rights; the USMCA strips them away. If you are not willing to be governed by Mexico and Canada, this trade agreement must be stopped! The Democratic-controlled House is already working on getting a “yes” for its passage and might even side with the Trump administration to get it through. Now is the time to expose the USMCA’s underlying problem: the loss of U.S. sovereignty.  Dig deeper and take action with us today to stop the passage of the USMCA! 

  1. Read TNA writer, Christian Gomez’s newest article, “Mexico and Canada: No to Reopening USMCA.” 
  2. Continue educating yourself with our Stop the USMCA/NAFTA Action Pack. (Highly recommended for someone just getting started)
  3. Read and distribute “USMCA: A TPP Redux?” reprint. 
  4. Contact your elected officials urging them to take action against the USMCA!