Trump should it….

The other day Pres. Trump had the best idea to satisfy all the demo rats in this country. To send all the legal aliens over to, this what this is what I would do, I would send a couple hundred over to Nancy Pelosi’s mansion where she has 24 ft. walls surrounding her house and I would tell these people that Nancy Pelosi loves them and wants to live in her mansion, them and feed them and clothed them and take care of them. I would do the same thing with Dianne Feinstein. I would find out where Jerry Brown lives in his walled mansion I would send a couple hundred over there for him to take care of since they love all the legal aliens anyway and they are all Demo-rats. I would fill up Los Angeles sanctuary city. All of these illegal aliens in the sanctuary cities I wouldn’t support any of these cities with government money.

Let the cities that are run by the demo rats support their favorite voters illegal aliens. And then fill all the other sanctuary cities in the United States with illegal aliens I would the put a couple hundred, maybe 500 illegal aliens, in Washington DC and tell them to sit on the steps of the white house and they can have all the demo rat and traitor Republicans support all of their friends, illegal aliens. That they wanted, to help destroy our country.

Then I would send a couple hundred illegal aliens to all the movie stars in Hollywood that are all for illegal aliens destroying our country and tell them that these people will support you, you move right in their house, they will feed you, clothe you, and they will take care of you body and soul. Why not? The demo rats prior to Pres. Trump wanting to put up the wall, to keep them out, our enemy run by Obama, in the back ground running the Demo-rats, Nancy Pelois, Schumer they want them to come in, so now Pres. Trump says okay will bring them in will send them to where you live now they’re protesting are one become more they live come where we live. Now the are scream foul!!

Phony traitor hypocrites, liars, connivers, thieves and rats. That’s what our enemy is our senators and congressmen. Demo rats and Republican they are the same they hate the white America, they hate to see people making money and have money in their pockets to spend on themselves and their families. Maybe pay off the house. Maybe to be able to afford going out with their families for dinner once in a while and not worrying how they’re going to pay for it because they have money in their pockets.

Yes money in their pockets just like our Government, following the Carter Doctrine of giving our money away to everyone but never giving the money back to we tax payers when they have too much left over at the end of the year. That’s why they passed a law that they have to spend every dollar every year, there can be no money left over to give back to we the people who pay our unfair taxes. They Muslims $1400 a week with one child income tax-free housing free health free, car free. And no income tax that we Americans that have to break their backs for living. the Illegal aliens get the same thing. I would love to get income tax-free just like Muslims, and illegal aliens from Mexico. But our federal government, are not interested in the United States of America or the white people of the United States of America, they only want nonwhites, ignorant nonwhites, who don’t speak our language have no education, are full of diseases that we have had cured many years ago to bring back into this country to infect our children. And will never be Americans!

Our enemy, run by Obama, Nancy Pelosi and all her communist friends, her Muslim super friends in the Congress now that are criticizing our country and they have never even lived here for more than five years, how did they get to be congresswomen in our Congress. Nancy Pelosi loves these people, Chuck Schumer who is a Jew, backs these two Muslim women when they speak of hating, and killing Jews and that it was our fault that the twin towers went down and it was tough shit that all these Americans died in the Muslim attack on our country. But that’s okay with our enemy our federal government our senators and our congressmen all they’re interested in how they can make more money how they can open all the borders how very can figure out where there is no United States of America where there is no sovereignty to the United States of America. Were there is no Constitution or Bill of Rights, and no white people.

Keep your guns well oiled, buy more ammo, never let anybody come and take your gun from you because we have the Second Amendment we have right to defend ourselves against our enemy our politicians in state and federal government who come for our guns.

Remember Pres. Trump stands alone fighting for our country, fighting for our freedom, fighting for our Constitution, fighting for a capitalist country, a Republican country where the people count not the politicians. We are not a Democracy.