Mr Socialism/Communist Progressive

Well let’s see Bernie Sanders is Mr. socialism/communism progressive demo rat. From the state of snobby Vermont where it looks like everybody in Vermont is a socialist or communist, that’s why they voted for this guy over and over and over.

Again he is shooting off his mouth that everything in the United States is going to be free, and everything is going to be just fine for the rich people. They are going to pay for every thing, let’s take a look who are the rich guys. You know who the rich people are, they are the people at the lowest and of the highest tax rate in the United States of America. The middle class hard-working white Americans.

When Bernie Sanders ran for president of the United States in 2016 he managed to pocket tax-free donations you can do anything you want to do with that money. Sanders collected $40 million a month. Who supported Sanders, Communist Party USA for one, Russia itself for the other one, because he works for Russia in is an agent for Russia and is a spy for Russia and takes his orders from Russia. Because he has access to all our secrets and he inevitably turns them over to Russia and he gets paid. No one can prove me wrong, that Bernie Sanders is colluding with Russia against the United States of America.

Sanders owns three beach houses worth six or $700,000 apiece, a $750,000 condo in Washington DC, and another house in that area that cost almost $800,000. Now he claims he only gets $174,000 a month. Tell me how could he afford to buy all of this property for all this money cash avoid income tax and claim that he is poor. Who pays the taxes on all this property. Why doesn’t he share his beach houses in his condos with illegal immigrants he wants into this country and share his money to give free education to everybody show us that he’s the guy that’s going to give away his money first.

No like all good progressive communist socialists senators and congressmen and politicians themselves they won’t give up their money to help anybody. They’ll give up our money to help everybody and we who work will actually be broke and will be working for nothing working for bums hanging on the street illegal aliens anybody who is nonwhite get everything free and will get the bill we get the bills now anyway.

So what is Bernie promised? Nothing, it’s all talk to get you convinced you that socialism progressive communism is the way to go because everything will be free. In socialism and communism everything is good for the rich politicians like Bernie Sanders in Nancy Pelosi Diane Feinstein who stole billions of dollars and she’s a billionaire now by getting government contracts for her and her family.

Nancy Pelosi was the head of the Congressional Caucus and they are a group of socialist progressive communists congressmen. Nancy Pelosi herself admits she’s a progressive, a kind word for socialist/communist and she is a multimillionaire 10 times over because she stole billions of dollars in government contracts for her family not for me or you, but for herself. When Nancy Pelosi became the speaker the house she turned all over that Congressional caucus that is run by Russia and they take their orders from Russia to her fellow traveler progressive socialist/communist partner Bernie Sanders.

You know he promises all this free medical stuff just like Obama did right? who’s going to pay the doctors who’s going to pay the hospital they want their money. Where is he going to get all this money tax the rich is the rich every politician that’s in the United States Sen. to Congress even in the bureaucracies are all super rich people that don’t pay taxes and they know how to steal and they are also in on inside trading on the stock markets to make more money. The bureaucracies have so much money that they are supposed to spend every year just like the they passed a law you got to spend all the money you can give it back to the people you got to spend if it’s extra in our tax money. They go on couple hundred of them on to Vegas free on our money they buy themselves new cars on our money and they laugh at us because we’re stupid and they covered all this up with the help of the politicians covering up so we the people don’t find out how their squandering our money on themselves.

You think I’m wrong? A few years ago the TV News showed this group of our bureaucrats living like princes in Queens in Vegas gambling eating like pigs throwing away our money but not their money. It was our money the money that they had left over from our taxes. Did the get fire? No! they got a pat on the back. Communist Unions who bought our Congressmen ans Senators moved in and took over our Government. Prior to this take over by the Communist Unions , if you worked for the city, State, County or Federal Government you didn’t have to belong to a union.

Make a mistake on your income tax and the Gestapo will down on you like you can’t believe, they’ll charge you interest on the money if they find a mistake to take the take your home away your car away don’t garnish your wages to put your poor house and they don’t care. They are our government they are our enemy! Bernie Sanders is the enemy of the United States of America because he’s a Russian spy, that includes with Puten to destroy our country. He makes socialism look great it’s wonderful. Socialism doesn’t work anywhere. The only reason socialism exists in this world is because of the Jimmy the Carter doctrine, give billions of dollars to people in countries in the be our friend. Cut off that free money our money our tax dollars from these countries that hate us and they’ll fold up like an envelope.

Bernie Sanders is only thinking of Bernie Sanders the progressive socialist communist leader in our government. He is one of the basic reasons why our government is the enemy of our freedom of all mankind, Nancy Pelosi is with him, Chuck Schumer is standing by his side, Chuck Schumer also believes in socialism, and everyone in the demo rat party is the enemy of the United States of America and a friend of socialism/communism, and hate the white people of this country.

The first thing that Bernie Sanders would do was destroy and he would do it with the Democrat party behind him and the traitor Republicans behind him, destroy the first and second amendments. That would leave us with no way to defend ourselves against this new government started by Bernie Sanders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in the demo rat party including the fake news, movie stars, TV, and professors of hate that are in all the colleges in the United States of America. This is what I can’t understand about Bernie Sanders Chuck Schumer all the professors of hate that are in our schools brainwashing our children. Are all Jews. What a shame.