A little Prissy boy

Pres. Trump has been exonerated from all accusations of him colluding with Russia to steal the election in 2016. The truth of the matter is that Donna Brazil gave Hillary Clinton all the questions so she could have the answers when they were on national TV. That’s trying to rig the election, and she’s not been charged why not. Hillary Clinton sold the our uranium mines to the Russians, her and her husband always dealt with Russia and the communists. It was Bill Clinton that gave North Korea the know-how and $5 billion to build two nuclear plants, and Clinton knew that they were communists and the enemy of our country. His kickback from North Korea must’ve been tremendous. Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton’s are agents of Russia just like Nancy Pelosi and Bernie Sanders, colluding with Russia to steal the election there kickback from Russia must be billions of dollars that they launder through their foundations. But that’s okay, their Democrats they are free, they are free to commit treason against our country for any amount of money and it’s okay. Also murder, rape, you name they do it.

Now on Fox News today they had this little prissy boy who was in the AG’s office and was complaining about Pres. Trump not being presidential and hollering at the people that worked in the White House from when they made a mistake. Well isn’t that to freaking bad. How about when the Clintons were in the White House Bill Clinton lounged around in his office what is brain hanging out of his pants looking for little girls to come in so that he could rape them. And Hillary Clinton marched up and down the halls like the tyrant she is calling everybody a mother fucker what are you doing here get out of my fucking way, you lousy scum bastards sons of bitches. But that was okay nobody ever complained about that. But whatever Pres. Trump does he’s criticized for, president Trump is the president of the United States he’s running a business is not running a a government that’s like a charity for the whole world.Like the Demo-rats want to do. Jimmy Carter the Rat’s doctrine.

Pres. Trump is trying to save our country, and yet people are allowed to go on national television and criticize him for everything he does whether it’s right or wrong. But every demo rat president vice president, appointees, by the demo rats in the Obama socialist communist demo rat party and deep state can do anything they want to do and it’s fine their Democrats, their free break the law their free to break every piece of the Constitution that they want. That’s because we have let these people stay in office too long. Nancy Pelosi, is an agent for Russia, she is a progressive communist.. She should never be voted into office again. Chuck Schumer he’s another one that’s a socialist/communist but he’s a demo rat so he is free to help destroy our country. And a Russia agent.

Obama, the traitor, promised that he would change the face of the United States of America. And Obama did by letting in millions of Muslims that are terrorists that hate the United States of America and all the illegal Mexicans with the help of Mexico bringing all these people into our country. All to destroy United States of America. And where are we the people of the United States of America letting this happen, why are we not up an arms,, the white people, nobody else is going to help us. Why aren’t we sending letters to our representatives in Washington bombarding them telling them to stop what they’re doing and make America great again like Pres. Trump wants us to be. Instead the average white American is sitting on his ass sucking beer, watching sports, and doing dope. They don’t care what is going to happen they think it’s all going to just go away without us getting up and helping our president free our country from the socialist communist Muslims, illegal aliens from destroying our freedom.

Those of us who are truly American and care about our country we are the ones that are going to have to defend our country and our freedom and we are the ones that are going to have to give up our lives to take back our country.